Add a loud Siren (also integrated with HMS)

There are simple solutions if they would just modify their rules engine. It is a simple programming effort. Right now, their siren won’t scare off a robber, nor attract attention outside the home.

lol, their siren can’t even wake me up, 99% of the false alarms I get from the monitoring service is because I CAN’T HEAR THE DAMN SIREN. Wyze??? When do you plan to offer an ALARM, I’m not talking about the current bird chirps you have as an “siren”.

You can even get a setup SIMILAR to the dozens of products you have going on which have NOTHING to do with security! Get back to the basics and stop being a walmart!

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Add a loud Siren (also integrated with HMS)

Maybe you all can vote here in the hopes we don’t get a lawn mower from Wyze before getting a @##@$ real siren from these people. Zzzzzz


I actually bought a siren and hooked it up to a Wyze plug. It is loud but, there is no way to really program it. It would be great if there was a rule that says, when alarm is tripped, turn on plug. When the alarm is disarmed, turn off plug.

Right now, I have 4 rules, one for each motion sensor. So that when a motion sensor gets tripped, the plug turns on.

But, I need to have 8 rules. 4 to turn on the motion sensors when I leave the house, and 4 to turn the rules off when I come home so I don’t trip the siren.

We are still keeping ADP until they fix this.

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Thanks for your idea. At my age, I need a Wyze siren.

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@ken63 and any others trying to add an external siren: I found a way around the problem of how to arm/disarm it without having to go in and change multiple sensors every time - see below. It’s a bit clunky and is not integrated with HMS, but it does work!

  1. Attach a loud external alarm to a Wyze Plug (let’s call the plug “Siren”). I use a 12V Honeywell siren & 120>12V adapter that I got on Amazon.
  2. Plug “Siren” into a second Wyze Plug (let’s call it “Alarm Master”), and plug “Alarm Master” into an outlet. So to sum up, the Honeywell alarm is plugged into “Siren”, which is plugged into “Alarm Master”, which is plugged into the outlet.
  3. Create trigger rules for all your sensors to turn on “Siren” when a sensor is tripped
  4. Create a shortcut rule (e.g. “Arm”) that will turn on “Alarm Master”, but not Siren. (In fact, I have the rule turn Siren off, just to be sure it really is off.) You can also have the rule turn on notifications for all the sensors if you want.
  5. Create another rule, (e.g. “Disarm”), that turns off both “Alarm Master” and “Siren” Likewise, you can also have it turn off notifications.

When disarmed, both plugs (Siren and Alarm Master) are off. If a sensor trips while disarmed, it’ll try to turn on “Siren” but won’t be able to because “Alarm Master” is off and therefore “Siren” is offline.

Once armed, 'Alarm Master" is on and “Siren” is therefore online (but off).

If a sensor trips while armed, it’ll turn “Siren” on.

To turn the siren off once it’s been tripped, run the Disarm rule or just turn Siren off from the app.

Also, in case of emergency - e.g. you see some suspicious dude walk into your yard, there’s a fire in the house, or you just need to attract attention for any reason - you can manually turn on the siren from the app.

I also created a rule to turn off Siren once it’s been on for 5 minutes, so it won’t drive the neighbors crazy if it goes off by accident and I’m not home. Hopefully if it’s an actual breakin then the siren will have scared off the burglar and/or attracted the neighbor’s attention, and I will have been notified anyway so I can check out the cameras and figure out what’s going on.

I have the 12V Honeywell siren mounted under the eaves of my garage, which is wired to a 12V adapter plugged into the Wyze Plugs (Siren & Alarm Master) inside the garage. It’s quite loud and reasonably hard to access.

Hope this helps fill the gap until Wyze actually improves their pitiful alarm!

  • Dave

What was the total cost and time?

After over a year of trying to get Wyze to simply do a software fix I bought a Bosma camera with 115db alarm.

The alarm is going for $10 now: Honeywell WAVE-2 Two Tone Siren : Sports & Outdoors

The adapter is $9: TMEZON 12 Volt 2A Power Adapter Supply AC to DC 2.1mm X 5.5mm Plug 12v 2 Amp Power Supply, Wall Plug Extra Long 8 Foot Cord : Electronics

Total time is prob. a couple of hours, though it took me longer because I was figuring it out as I went along.

  • Dave
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Thank you Dave

Hi Dave,

The problem I ran into was there was no good rule to set that would trigger the siren. What rule are you using?

I have mine triggering off of the motion sensors. But, I need a 1 rule for each sensor, and I have to manually turn on each rule when I set the alarm. Otherwise, I would set off the siren while walking inside the house.

Then, I have to turn off the rules when I get home. This is very inconvenient, especially since I can’t control whenever anyone in the household comes or goes.



Hi Dave, or should I call you MacGyver?

I just scrolled up and saw your other note about how you set yours. I will take a moment to digest and get out some pocket lint and duct tape and give it a try. I actually have a spare Wyse plug, so I can create the Alarm Master.

It does seem al lot easier to create a rule to turn on Siren if alarm triggers, and turn off siren when alarm is disarmed.



I’m gonna try it, just ordered the equipment.

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Very interesting solution! There is still an extra step when arming the alarm every night but much better then dealing with each sensor. Please keep us informed how this works out for you, I am

concerned how dependable the plugs are for this.

Dave, you get an Ingenious :bulb: badge on your Avatar as soon as Wyze develops one! This needs to be reposted to the tips and tricks! Love the idea of stacking the plugs to work around the home sensor triggers. I am going to assemble the parts and put it in service… But I’m thinking I need to find a surplus air raid siren!

Good job Dave!

Hi Dave,

Stacked the plugs and set the rules. Definitely works a lot better. Showed the Mrs. and she rolled her eyes and walked away. But, we have a solution that is now workable.

Never thought of stacking plugs. Gives off the power strips plugged into power strips to make an extension cord kinda vibe.

I like the air raid siren idea or maybe a recording of helicopters with police yelling come out with your hands up, we have you surrounded.

Thanks, Dave!

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BTW. I wonder if using a location trigger to set the alarm master to on works. I haven’t had much success with the location triggers. Especially, since multiple people use the app.

Yeah, good point about the plug reliability. I used the older non-CFH plugs for mine. The new CFH plugs have a tendency to go offline, and then you have to re-add them to get them to work. Not good for a security system!

Glad it’s working out for you, @ken63 ! Haven’t tried location triggering, but lemme know if you get it to work.

One other recommendation: if you’re using repurposed plugs then make sure you don’t have any old automation routines that’ll turn them on. (I found this out the hard way, when my alarm went off at dusk!)

  • Dave

A loud wireless siren would definitely help seniors like me with some hearing loss. It would be a great addition to the security system. I don’t understand why Wyze cannot use a commerically available siren and modify it for use with their security system. John D.


What is the status of Wyze adding a loud siren to their Home Security System? Does anyone have an updates on this much needed product addition?

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