Flood light siren home monitoring integration

It would be nice if i can add the floodlight siren to the monitoring, and use it when home monitoring alarm gets triggered.


@wandyrrodriguez, yes that would be really nice to have all the cams with sirens to be triggered by my HMS.

But, it isn’t here yet. It is a wishlist item under research right now. Check the wishlist out and be sure to vote at the very top.

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Too bad, people have only been asking for this since 2019. still not any closer to doing something that ANY true alarm system can do.

An update…

This is now a reality and is currently undergoing testing within the current Beta App build.

I am testing this Beta version, however I would not recommend updating to it at this time because of another issue being debugged.

But, the the Rules integration of the HMS as a trigger works wonderfully! I can use the HMS as a trigger when it enters Disarmed Mode, Home Mode, Away Mode, Entry Delay Activated, Alarm Activated, or Alarm Cancelled. It can trigger any other Wyze device.

I currently have the HMS trigger my Thermostat to Away when HMS Away Armed as well as turning off 2 Wyze Light Groups, Sleep when Home Armed as well as turning off 2 Wyze Light Groups, and Home when Disarmed. When the entry delay is started, I have the HMS trigger uploads on 6 Wyze cams and turn on one Wyze Light Group. When an Alarm is activated, I have the HMS trigger 25 Cam Sirens on and upload videos, 2 Wyze plugs plugged into external electric Sirens, 2 Wyze Cam Spotlights, 3 Wyze Plugs plugged into outdoor floodlights, and 2 Wyze Light Groups. When the Alarm is cancelled, it reverses all those actions.

The hope is that the Beta will get another build soon and be ready for a RC test.