Wyze Floodlight Pro and Wyze Sense Hub

Trying to get my new Floodlight Pro cams connected to the wyze sense hub. My old cams show up in the list, but the two floodlight cams do not. Are they compatible with the wyze sense hub? They are integral to my home security. They monitor a large swath of my yard and my entry doors.

Floodlight Pro has not yet been programmed to work in the monitoring tab as an “HMS Security Camera” where it sends HMS “alerts” only when the HMS service is armed.

I believe this is something they will add in the future (though I don’t speak for Wyze), but it is not available at this exact moment.

For now, you can get very similar functionality by using rules to tie the two together. For example, you can set it so that when the HMS is armed, the floodlight Pro will send notifications of person detection. Then you can use a rule that when the HMS is disarmed it can turn off notifications for the floodlight Pro. That is basically what the HMS security camera settings do since they don’t trigger an alarm anyway, just send an alert notification. It will be nice when they have it integrated officially though since it has a different notification label that makes it easier to notice.