List of supported cameras for Home Monitoring?

I’ve cannot seem to find a comprehensive list of what cameras work, and do not work, with Wyze’s Home Monitoring Service. Wyze’s site for comparing services implies that all cameras except the Wyze Cam V1 are compatible:

BUT the list of possible cameras to add to HMS in the app does not include several cams (namely the Video Doorbell Pro and the Cam Floodlight Pro):

So…what’s the deal? It just so happens that I want to add a VDP and a CFP, neither of which is a V1, but I can’t. Is there a list somewhere that I can refer to? Had I know this about these cams, I would have hesitated in purchasing them and considered one of the compatible options…

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @jringenb! :raising_hand_man:

As new cams are released, it usually takes several App releases to get the Home Monitoring Security Cam integration. Since the FLP is the current newbie, it has yet to be added to the HMS integration. I am running the Beta App and it isn’t yet available.

The VDBP, however, is not a new cam. I have the VDBv1, which is integrated, so I have never needed to look at the list to see that it isn’t available.

There is a Wishlist Topic that gets updated regularly with users posting requests add cam models into the integrated Security Cams list. You can follow the link, vote at the top, like :heart: some posts, and add your reply in support of the topic.