Add more Cam Models to HMS Security Cam Compatible List

The new Wyze Cam Pan V3, OG Cams Wyze Floodlight Pro and Video Doorbell Pro are currently not listed as a compatible cams to be added as a designated Security Cam in the Home Monitoring System settings.

Please add the Cam Pan V3, OG Cams Wyze Floodlight Pro and Video Doorbell Pro as compatible Security Cams for the HMS.

*UPDATE 6/5/23: The Wyze Cam Pan V3 and the OG Cams were added to the HMS Security Cam Selection List with the release of new App Updates. The new Wyze Floodlight Pro Cam has not yet been included. Hoping for this on the next App update. :crossed_fingers:

Additional HMS security cameras

Will Wyze HMS support more cameras and in the future?

At the moment not sure what having additional cameras would do for HMS. Mostly they allow you to view the cams if you get any kind of alert. From my reading, the cameras really don’t add any functionality to HMS.

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Could you please elaborate on this #wishlist item?

Wyze Cam Pan V3

Allow the use of the new Wyze Cam Pan 3 as a security camera within the Wyze Sense.

Currently the new cameras do not show as an option when going to Home Monitoring Settings > Security Cameras


5 cams can be added to the HMS designated as “Security Cams”. This integrates the cams into the Home Monitoring Tab by allowing those 5 cams to be “Grouped” together as security cams outside of the Home tab device list for live streaming. It also provides an event viewing UI similar to that which is on the Doorbell cams across all 5 Security Cams. As @WildBill mentioned, there are additional Security Threat alerts, however these are redundant of the cam’s native notification capabilities and aren’t as detailed.

The Wyze Cam Pan V3 cannot currently be selected for addition as a Security Cam, nor can the Wyze Cam OG. The last cam to be added to the list was the Wyze Cam V3 Pro.

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Cam V3 and OG unavailable for Security Cameras in HMS

Both the new V3 Cam and OG do not show up as a selection for security cameras in the Home Monitoring Service

Please note, Wyze Cam Pan V3, Cam V3 and Wyze Cam V3 Pro can be added to HMS. I just selected each one and added without issues.


I have learned that the Wyze Cam Pan V3 has been added to the HMS Security Cam selection list in the current Beta App 2.39 that is currently undergoing Beta Testing.

Once the Beta Test concludes and the app is approved by QA for Update Release, we should see the Pan V3 in the list after updating.

No word yet on the OG Cams. They were just released so it will probably be the next update after this one.


Thanks of the update, will gladly waitfor it to come out of beta to be able to use the cam pan v3 in HMS.

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New Wyze Cam Pan v3 and Wyze Cam OG does not work on Home Monitoring

I just bought 4 of each hoping to upgrade my home monitoring cameras. Nada. Doesn’t even give me the option to choose the new cameras. Whats the status on a firmware update?

It will actually come in an App Update. See my post above

Wyze Cam Pan v3 with home monitoring

I would like Wyze Cam Pan v3 to be compatible and linkable with Home Monitoring

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Currently the OG camera is not available to be assigned as a Home Monitoring Security Camera. Obviously, I didn’t purchase the cameras to just look around, but to create an alert that would in turn create an alarm when an intruder enters the home via breaking a window or other non-sensor vehicles.

Please make the Wyze OG camera compatible with the Wyze Home Monitoring system.

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No way to add cam pan v3 to security camera list

Hello. There’s currently no way to add the v3 to the security camera list. Please fix this. Thanks.

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @osfard! :raising_hand_man:

Update your app to the most recent 2.39 release. This update included the listing of the PanV3 in the Security Cam selection list.

The OG, being a newer cam, will most likely be added on the next update.

Currently the new Cam OG is not available to be used as security cameras in Home Monitoring System.

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Updated the original post.


I have both the Video Doorbell Pro and the Floodlight Pro, neither of which is supported for use as a security camera in Home Monitoring. It’s a shame, and quite surprising, that two cameras labeled as “Pro” currently lack this ability :angry: I expected that this ability would have been added to HMS prior to the release of these cameras…


Thanks for the post. I updated the original post to include the VDBPro.

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