Home monitoring app cam pan v3 / doorbell pro camera

I cant seem to add either my doorbell pro camera or my cam pan v3 to the home monitoring apps they do not show up.

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @claudio.araoz!

Only those cam models that are compatible with the HMS Security Cam UI are listed in the selection box area when choosing which.of your 5 cams to include.

If one of your cams isn’t listed, it isn’t yet compatible with the HMS Security Cam Feature.

I don’t have a VDBPro, but I do have a PanV3 and it doesn’t show as a compatible cam in my app yet either.

Hopefully these will be added soon.

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I have started a new thread in the Wishlist to request that Wyze add currently unlisted cams into the list of models accessible by the HMS.

Follow the link, vote for it at the top, and add a reply post with your specific Cam Model requests.