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I’d love to be able to have the Alexa devices throughout my house play some loud music or an alarm noise when the siren is triggers on my sense hub. I suppose this might be possible through the “Alexa & Google Assistant integration” :crossed_fingers:


This thread officially saved me from buying the system. Without a loud, functional siren built in to the system, this is a “no” for me. A siren is an absolute must for interruption and notification of home invasion while we’re asleep. Hard pass. Wyze, you just lost a customer.


Greetings everyone!

Not sure if you have seen this thread topic, but this issue with the decreased siren volume on the hub was reported in September 2021. The Firmware update in that same month DECREASED the volume. It used to be loud enough to wake me and scare off an intruder. See the first thread link below.

Also, this was brought before the Wyze hearing board In Fix-it Friday as well and received considerable support from the forum. Wyze responded (second post link below) with the explanation that it is a “hardware limitation”. They have stated they are working on an ancillary remedy. Browse around over in those two topics for more info.

Hope this helps! Be safe and well

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Thanks for not giving up on this Slab. I gave up on the monitoring system and returned it for a full refund. This was after receiving a brand new hub which exhibited the same low volume issue.

I am still hopeful the problem will be fully fixed one day, it’s only right.

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I have Wyze home monitoring and am very disappointed in siren. It is not nearly loud enough. I have recommend wyze monitoring alarm to friends but told them to wait until louder siren is available.


Yeah, it seems to be an issue that Wyze cannot solve or will not solve due to some untold “hardware” limitation. It is a highly suspect reason when the hardware wasn’t limited before the September software update reduced it. I have my own theories, but that is unsubstantiated speculation.

At any rate, they have proposed external chimes. Meh. I would prefer an external remote outdoor or attic siren.

There seems to be a security \ accessibility issue with the hub because Wyze has consistently kept this device completely isolated from the rest of their ecosystem as it pertains to rules, triggers, and actions as well as Alexa or Home. I am guessing adding chimes or a siren are problematic to this historical systemic isolation as well.

At any rate, they have bigger problems since their last update bricked or fubar’d a great deal of hubs. I’m fearful of touching mine or adding anything as they have now begun to pull affected units back in for forensic autopsies. I’m just watching and waiting for now. But the volume still sucks.

But, there is one workaround I am going to try. A bit more clicks than just arm and disarm, but it is really an Ingenious idea. Give it a read:

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I would return the product for a refund if you’re not satisfied with the volume. Wyze has spent almost 6 months knowing this issue and has yet to resolve this glaring issue. That’s what I did with mine. Though I haven’t seen many others do the same by returning.

if you just bought your product and your are reading this, returning it with the dissatisfaction of volume being too low would hopefully make Wyze eventually realize where there priorities should be.


That is an **Awesome ** solution! I already have a loud siren from Amazon but have to Enable/Disable each sensor. I’m going to try to implement your solution to make it a one time process to Enable/Disable all sensors in one step.

Thanks!!! Lee

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Vivint has an outstanding alarm from their base unit. I left them to come to Wyze. Not happy I did.



Thought some people would like a heads up in here about this latest news related to the Hub Volume


Is this really true? When will the beta version be released?

A friend just tested their hub with the latest beta update and reported that the volume is significantly louder now.

So based on that I believe there is a change with the latest Hub firmware beta and that Gwendolyn is saying that if everything goes well in the current beta track that it should be released publicly to the production track in a couple of weeks.

As always, be aware firmware is labeled “Beta” for a reason as it indicates there could be additional unforeseen issues they want to verify or resolve before going public. For most people in general I’d recommend waiting until the official public release, but anyone interested in the beta is allowed to enroll and install and test it out. If you do, please provide your feedback on it as was requested, particularly in the beta thread for that firmware or the latest fix-it-friday thread.

I am happy progress is being made on this though. :slight_smile:


“As always, be aware” Great advice!

Not long ago we were told the sound was at mechanical limit. I really do hope this works out and hope there is not too much power that could overload any of the circuitry.

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Today’s Firmware release is the one to Boost the Hub Volume: (April 25, 2022)

  • Enhanced Wyze Sense Hub audio volume

Will this fix the last update kill of my connectivity or should I wait for my replacement hub before installing?

No, it hasn’t fully resolved the connectivity issues [yet]. Here are the full release notes for this firmware:

So it does fix the entry notice bug, but not all the connectivity issues experienced by some people. Some people have reported that if they delete their hub and restore to factory setting and set it back up again from scratch that this has mostly solved problems for some people who experienced it.

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My hub is somewhere in the twilight zone…All 3 lights flash on/off simultaneously but I can arm and disarm the system. I cannot add any sensors because the hub will not respond to that process. The lights have been flashing for 3 days now. Honestly, I am afraid to touch it at all until the replacement hub arrives(I’ve killed 3 hubs so far). FYI: I did delete the hub and install it as new and this is the best result I could get. Suggestions?

I can totally understand wanting to play it safe in your situation. If it were me I would be tempted to wait as well.

I personally don’t think the new firmware would make it worse, but it wasn’t designed to change the connectivity issues yet either…if you install new firmware it might force your hub to reboot and then possibly take a couple of hours to get back to normal (as a few people have reported since the March release). So it would be understandable to wait.

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Here’s the latest update on the issue for everyone. It explains why they previously reduced the volume and how they now can keep it loud for us while it is plugged in: