Home monitoring question?

I have a few questions, is there a volume control on the keypad? The volume is Way too loud for the room that it is in, is there a way to turn the volume down?

My second question. Does anyone know when Wyze will start to support multi Home Monitoring? I want to be able to monitor two locations in the same account, I know they plan to add this in the future, but does anyone know when?

Ok. Last one. If a noonlight Reaches out to you and ask you if everything is OK, can you respond to them and ask them to give you a moment to check the footage?

Meaning if you were not home and your alarm went off, could you ask me Noonlight person who is texting you to give you a few minutes to check your security cameras to see if you need to call the emergency services?

Thank you for your time. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

So currently there’s not an option to change the volume of the keypad, but I must ask, are you confusing The hub and the keypad? The keypad only says basically armed and disarmed. The countdown sounds and the chime sound if you have them set all come from The hub and that there is a way to adjust the sound there.

If you go into settings you have low medium and high for the hub. The keypad where you actually enter your codes for the security system I personally haven’t thought it’s very loud but each person is distinct and it is a matter of preference. But currently there is no way to turn the volume down on the keypad.

As for the multi home, I believe this has been requested a few times but being on my phone it’s a little hard for me to link to it. When I get home later I’ll see if I can find a wish list topic and Link it over here if I find one. I believe I’ve seen one. Nothing from the company has officially come out on that to my knowledge so far.

And to your final question on delaying the response from noon light. So I completely understand where your thoughts are but being former law enforcement keep in mind that the clearest description and instruction that you can give dispatch is the best. So if for instance noonlight reached out to you and you were not in immediate danger I would recommend letting them know that you are okay you’re not an immediate danger and simply ending the call with them directly there. Think of them as protection for you if you are in immediate danger, and protection for your home if you are not there at that moment and not able to respond. The not being able to respond being the key there. If you were able to review the footage right then, your best bet would be to review the footage and if you notice something is amiss or you see something concerning that would require an officer or many, then you should be the one to contact dispatch through 911 and let them know exactly what’s going on. In this instance you will have actually seen the footage have a description if a person were to be in your home and keep in mind this would be if you were not in the home and in a safe location, and you could even put 911 on speakerphone and actively watch the cameras telling them what is happening and where the suspect is, basically giving them a play-by-play, something that could save the lives of everyone involved should things go negative quickly. All of this would be far more helpful and invaluable compared to reviewing footage and then popping back on the phone with noon light and saying yes I need law enforcement dispatched to my home. That person would then dispatch law enforcement but they would not have a good idea of what’s going on when you would be able to complete a far greater picture.

One other thing to consider would be how busy a company like noon light is, no doubt they are receiving many alarms from many places so the quicker they can respond to each alarm be they false or not the better it is for everyone with a subscription.

Those are just my thoughts. I don’t think we’ve ever had a outright statement saying that noon light would or would not wait for you to review footage but I’m sure it would not be preferred.

Hope this helps in some way


Short answer yes. It happened to me.

Long answer, your safe word is the key. Once they get that phrase from you, they know you are safe. If you don’t give them that, police are coming even though they are still on the phone with you being cordial. Give them the wrong phrase, police are still coming… Probably quicker since they think it is a panic situation.

If you are away, give them the safe word and tell them you are OK and away, ask that they not cancel the alarm but allow you to check your cams. Once you have confirmed, give them the all clear or dispatch police.

My situation was an all clear on a faulty motion sensor.

@Bam expertly covered your other questions.

Good luck!


Thank you for your answers.

As for the keypad, it is in the bedroom and I would like to just turn down the volume on the keypad, not the hub. Is there someway to muffle the sound? Because I could just put something over the speaker and wait until Wyze puts a volume control on it.


I don’t have one, but I’ve used packing tape on the doorbell chime to lower the volume during beta testing and it seemed to work well.


I would try tape of some sort like @ChemEngr mentioned, that’s your best bet currently. But I’ve never looked at the keypad in detail enough to know where the sound comes out of so I don’t really know where you would put the tape. I’m sure with a little inspection you could easily figure it out but currently that would probably be the best route and far easiest. :slight_smile:

No unit confusing the hub. The keypad voice is ridiculously loud and wakes our baby. It is startling to us also. Can it be turned down?

I became a domestic violence victim 12/25/21 and my 8.5 yo son witnessed his dad violently assault me and try to take him which is why I ordered the monitoring kit and additional cameras. I have had one issue so far when my motion sensor detected movement at first tripping my alarm and I was at work. The Noonlight advisor texted and since I didn’t respond immediately called, which I checked cameras while on the phone with her. I didn’t see anything and gave the safeword to stop the alarm and cancel any services. An hour later, my alarm tripped again and even with checking my camera, I asked for police to check to be safe. It turned out that since I put my motion sensor in my narrow hallway, it didn’t detect anyone walking by since the area was wide but in an apartment, my neighbor was working on his floors, which caused the wall to shake and trip the sensor. Although a false alarm, it is still good to be so quick and on point but you absolutely can check while on the phone with Noonlight and either give the safe word or ask for a response. I did speak to my local police department (about another matter) and asked their protocol about alarm monitoring companies requesting responses and how they feel even if false alarms. The officer said they’d rather drive by and investigate then leave rather than not and eventually have to find something that could have absolutely been avoided.

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