Home Security Feedback

I wanted to share some feedback for the Home security through Wyze. I switched from Simplisafe and I’m not sure if I made the right call.

  1. Please change the amount of time it takes to arm. I do not want to listen to beeps for 30 seconds. Please give some more options with less time.

  2. If I arm the system, the hub is upstairs and the keypad is downstairs, half the time I cannot hear it because of the distance from where I am. Please have the Keypad also have the setting sound, not just the hub that’s far away.

  3. In the morning, or night if I open a door and the alarm is beeping and I’m downstairs, sometimes I don’t hear it and next thing you know I’m getting calls from dispatch, Please fix this and let the keypad be sync with hub so I can hear this.

  4. If the alarm goes off, the lights on the hub are the only thing that notifies me and of course my phone. It would be cool to have my lights turn red or something, need better visibility then the hub that’s near my router by a dresser in the corner of my room with little to no visibility.

  5. If I go close to the keypad it should light up and the current status should light up. It barely lights up.

I am a long time Wyze customer and love all
Of my products. I know there will be fixes in the future, but needed to vent on the current state of the Home security.

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