Turning Sound down on Home Security Hub

Is there a way to turn the sound off so the unit doesn’t ding for 60 seconds while it counts down to arm? Doesn’t bother me but it woke my son up which I didn’t even consider.
Thank you


You can adjust the volume in settings

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the beeps are so loud even at the lowest setting.

Well, as of right now there’s no way to turn it off , fold up a washcloth or something and put it on top of the speaker

my dog does not like that sound, will bark and that will wake up rest of family members.
this is a blocker unless I move the hub to garage…

I don’t blame the dog I don’t like it either.
I have mine in the den with the door closed set on low I can barely hear it

Agree, this setting is a fairly important issue. Can’t arm this at night with anything less than a zero exit delay or else it wakes up my kid.

And in the morning when I leave and need to use the exit delay, again it causes the same issue.

Have never had any hub volume issues with our previous provider. May stick with the other provider actually, based on how poorly this first week has gone with this Wyze system.

Reduce volume or ideas to make it inaudible kind of defeat the purpose of have an alarm system.
We want the sound to be very loud when system is triggered.

This is an unusable issue to me and maybe to many.

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It’s not about the sound when the alarm is triggered. Obviously we want that sound as loud as possible. The issue for my family is even on the lowest volume setting when the alarm is set the counting down beeping is pretty loud.


I agree. Just got my alarm and same concern. I have 3 kids and want to be able to arm the alarm when we’re home without waking them. Please update the options for this ASAP!

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This ding ding ding when ARMING makes the whole system completely unusable i have had it set up less than an hour and I will be returning it to wyze first thing in the morning. Try it for 30 days? Didnt need 30 minutes! Let me know when its fixed il buy it again until then I will not pay for a subscription to a product I cant use.

Well I got a little irritated so I fixed the issue myself. On my brand new yes brand new system I have owned less than a couple hours I disassembled the wyze hub (4 screws under the little white feet, and four tabs dead center on all sides, use a guitar pick or butter knife at the seam right in the middle of all four side after removing the four screws in the bottom and the snaps pop right open) now the black and red wire from the top is the speaker (part with the cloth cover) it goes to the board, just pull the little with plug and the top is now free. From here you have a couple options; 1) leave the speaker unplugged and put it back together. (Dont like this option unless you want alot of calls from noonlight). 2) if you have a old wyze cam v2 laying around the speaker plug is the same, just wrap it in electrical tape and lay it in the bottom, its quiet enough on low not to wake the baby but loud enough to hear from across the room in a quiet house at night. 3) grab a 1k audio taper potentiometer and wire it inline on the positive side of the speaker, now use the 1k pot to adjust the volume yourself. Find a spot in the hub you like and poke a hole for the pot. I found the battery backup area worked for me but I was frustrated and not very picky about looks! ding ding ding hark the wyze hub NEVERMORE!

If anyone wants pictures il take em if not ding ding ding im going to bed

folks, go report & complain this in official feedback thread to get more attention.

This is a simple fix. Set the Exit Delay time to zero and this fixes the issue when arming at home. Do you really need it to count down when you are home for the night?

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This is the logical answer, but wait, there is someone else who wants to have it 5 decibels above that while someone else needs it -9 decibels below that and someone else who wants it exactly 99.5 decibels. There is no way to satisfy everyone’s “wants” these days so they just complain. Wyze is not perfect and for $49, it’s sad to see everyone who expects it to do everything under the sun perfectly right out of the gate on the 1st attempt. Keep your old system if you like it better. That is your answer if you don’t like the Wyze system.

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Orrrrr, just hear me out… make a simple volume adjustment slide to adjust the volume down a little more? Nobody’s complaining that it’s too quiet LOL. One volume slider for the alarm sound, and one for arming tones. WYZE is not based off of lesser functionality, they’re based off of small initial equipment cost. All of their equipment is more than capable, and without their customer’s input, they wouldn’t be where they’re at now.