Home Monitoring Sense Hub arming audio/beep off

Need a way to turn off the audio countdown beep when arming the home monitoring system, but still keep the exit delay. Beeping freaks out my dog, but I still need the exit delay to get out of the house before the system arms. Would still like the entry delay to beep as a reminder when re-entering to disarm. Disarming only takes a few seconds so the beeping is less of concern on this end with pets, vs the 30 second minimum when arming the system for exit delay.

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I agree! The exit delay beeps are not needed or could at least be half the volume. Worse then the siren. :astonished:


It would be nice to be able to customize the countdown for home/away arming. Perhaps the ability to make it quieter than the alarm itself or being able to have it audibly countdown only the last 10s or so


I agree the beeping is even making the Wyze cam to assume it’s a smoke alarm. What a mess
The should be a way to arm silent in home and away mode.
Also there could be a quick fix for 15 seconds to be added as option for entry or exit delay.
Unless the can mute the beeping which is annoying


The beeping is triggering it as a smoke alarm?

My camera indicated a smoke alarm, listened to the audio and turned out to be my neighbor with a concrete saw, go figure. I sent a log file with audio to Support at the Zendesk. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah the beeping is triggering the smoke alarm on the camera. Oh guess the cámara thinks it’s the smoke alarm because it makes a similar noise.


What camera is it that picks it up as a smoke alarm, a v1 v2 v3 or pan

V2 and V3. Check the settings. Both CO2 and smoke turn on.

I am going to test it when I get home from work, that’s why I was getting as much info as possible so I could replicate it.

Had just the smoke alarm set on a V2 outside in back yard. The neighbor was running a concrete saw in their front yard next door. High pitch grinding sound like a tile saw. :building_construction:

edit: Here are the sounds. Wonder if this will trigger the alarm. :thinking: Really need to change that awful loud sound on the HMS.

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How do I arm the alarm at night when going to bed without waking everyone up with the countdown beeps? Need a silent arming mode.


The sense hub of the home monitoring make a sound when armed the alarm the it said is armed. That sound is not the alarm sound so it do not make any sense that when i armes the alarm make that sound and for 1 minite and then it armed.please make a updated to turn off that sound that make before armed.


Can confirm, arming at bed time woke my 1yo up and pissed off the wife. A volume control or mute for arming and/or disarming would be nice.


Select home mode and for now use 0 seconds on exit delay.

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Agree. Setting a 0 second exit delay for Home solves the issue.

This would work for arming when you’re in the house but still doesn’t solve my main issue of setting the alarm when leaving. There still needs to be an exit delay, but with no sound. Without opening the app and doing it manually, how else can you set the alarm without noise occurring and still getting the 30 sec exit delay?


I would love to be able to mute the hub siren for the Home Monitoring System. I leave early in the before anyone else gets up and even low is loud enough for my people in the house to notice when they are sleep. I shouldn’t have to set the entry or exit delay to zero seconds.

For the love of almighty, please oh PLEASE give us the ability to turn off the arming beeps. It’s almost useless to use this thing until then. Wakes up the whole house and now I’m hated by everyone!