HMS base beeping

Unless someone can help me solve the problem of the base unit constantly beeping whenever I change modes I’m going to have to send this thing back. I’ve had it in test mode since I installed it I don’t want to move it over to armed until get this beeping under control. My neighbors won’t stand for it.


I can’t stand the long and unnecessary beep when I change mode despite 45 seconds Entry/Exit delays. Just the “your system is arming” is enough. @WyzeRyan when is the next release/update for HMS? I have seen a lot of feedbacks here that needs to be addressed asap

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I agree! :slightly_smiling_face: Below is a Wishlist item; you may like to add your vote.

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Looks like Wyze HMS was updated from the backend. Did anyone notice the long beep after you arm HMS is gone? I didn’t change anything. I tried it over and over. No long beep.

That isn’t my experience. Still beeping.

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What firmware version is your hub because unless you have something different then everyone else the constant beeping is still a thing.

Sorry, I take that back. The issue is still there.

How could your neighbors hear it ? :upside_down_face:
I have my hub volume set on low, it’s in the den with the door shut and I can’t even hear it.
Maybe you don’t know that in hub settings you can turn the volume down to low