WHM questions. constant beeping in test, no events in test mode?

So I’m just now getting around to setting up and activating my home monitoring system.

Couple questions…

  1. in test mode if i activate home or away mode the hub beeps constantly. is this expected?

  2. in test mode, if i activate home or away mode and try to “test” the system I don’t see anything happen. As in, I open a door or walk by a sensor that is “armed” and nothing happens. No alerts, no alarms, no raining cats and dogs. How do I know the system is “working” if nothing happens in test mode?

  3. requesting a certificate sends me an email with a pdf of 0 bytes attached.

I also have problem #1. And no help from Wyze, 6 days after opening ticket.

I believe this the entry or exit delay? Have you adjusted this setting or played with it? The timer is a beeping sound counting down the set time.

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I set that timing for 30 seconds but the beeping never stops. I listened to it for over 10 minutes. It never stops beeping.

I still don’t know how to test the system. Anything that is “armed” when in test mode never trips anything when I open a door or move past a sensor.

Do you have a ticket number?

My ticket number for this problem is 1211446. PIN code does nothing. I have left default setting. Since I am neither entering nor exiting, not sure that the suggestion about that applies. Mine is not beeping, but loud alarm.

UPDATE: Turned volume to low and apparently I was indeed hearing an Entrance delay. It stopped after the default 30 seconds. So I am closing my case.

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maybe my problem is that it never actually arms. that would explain why I can’t trip an event and why this beeping never stops.

Sounds like an app log for the HMS and a call to support is the next step as this seems beyond what the forums can help with. :neutral_face:

well a little testing and confirmed that setting home monitoring to Away never arms the system. It says it’s armed it after the count down but the hub NEVER stops beeping and no sensor trip is setting off an alarm. It works correctly if I set it to Home mode.

Log # 205365

Hub FW