Hub beeps at night, all night

My sense hub beeps every 30 seconds or so while armed “home.” The most annoying part is it mostly beeps at night and alllll night. I can’t honestly say I don’t think I hear the beep when we are in the same room as it. It’s driving me crazy. There’s no motion in the house and all sensors are either “clear” or “closed.” But the beep alarms me to constantly check the sensors or the house. Can anyone tell me why this is happening?

Do you have leak sensors or climate sensors? A continuous beep like that which doesn’t result in an alarm or stopping after a short period usually indicates it is a hazard remediation notice.

However, you could check your Entry and Exit Delay times: Monitoring tab → Home Monitoring Settings → Entry & Exit Delay
Then check both the Home and the Away settings.
Consider setting the Silent Exit Delay toggle so it doesn’t beep while it is waiting to arm anymore. That could be the problem. It also could be that you set the Entry or Exit delay for as high as 3 minutes. This means that the beeping will go for as long as 3 minutes before it finally arms, or before it finally sets off the siren alarm. Maybe reduce that to something shorter.

The next time it happens you can also view what is setting it off. Go to the monitoring tab, find the spot on that screen that says “Monitoring Events” and it should show you there. If you select “More” then you can even go to specific dates to find out what set off the alarm at a certain date and time. For example, the following screenshot shows I had a leak sensor trigger beeping on my system on the 17th:

If you find it is a leak or climate sensor triggering the Hazard remediation alarm and you don’t want it to, you can go to Monitoring tab → Environment and edit monitored sensors there. If you have something outside for example, maybe move it to be a general sensor instead of a monitored sensor.


If none of that helps or resolves your issue, then please contact Wyze Support since there could be something they need to do to resolve it:


I do not have climate or leak sensors. It’s not the “beep beep beep” that happens when arming. It is just one beep/chime that happens every 30 seconds and it occurs all night long. Has been happening for almost two weeks since set up. I have tried messing with the beep setting but that is all connected to the entry sensors and that does not seem to be what’s triggering the sound.

That is really weird then. If you contact support, let us know what they say about it. Maybe it’s just a defective device or something that needs to be replaced. I don’t think I’ve heard of that happening before, but I would love to hear back on what the cause is if you find out.


Very odd behavior. I’ve had my hub installed since it was released on pre-order and have never heard it beep just once without a sensor opening. This is something new that I haven’t seen reported in the forum before either.

Wonder if it has a low battery beep like they do on Smoke Detectors. What happens if you unplug it?

Not sure it will work, but you can also try a soft reset. Hold the setup button for about 5s until the lights flash and then let go and let it reboot.

Only other thing, which is a drastic last resort because it would require a reinstall, would be to do a factory reset by holding in on the button for 10s and then reinstalling it.

If nothing works, I would agree that something is wrong with the unit.

Support was no help. Asked me to reset, I did. It seemed to stop beeping for a week or so and it came back.

Out of curiosity, I am wondering if the beep you hear is the same as the “chime” you hear when a contact sensor is opened?

If so, since it is only happening when the HMS is armed to HOME, I am curious if it is because of a faulty sensor signal from one of the sensors that is included in the HOME list.

If so, there are two ways to go about this to see if it is a specific sensor causing faulty chime feedback.

  1. One by one, individually disable the Tune setting for each of the sensors that is included in your HOME list and test if the tone stops.
  2. One by one, individually remove contact sensors from the HOME on duty list and test if the tone stops.
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And possibly reviewing the history for each contact sensor and see which one shows random open/close logs in the middle of the night.