Home Monitoring Issues

On a couple of occasions I’ve come home the door and expected to hear the gong informing me the sensor has been tripped and to enter the pin to disable alarm but upon hearing no gong I figured we forgot to enable the the Away mode, a minute later security company is texting me. I’ve checked the door and motion sensors, they’re working, why isn’t the warning gong sounding on occasion? Any tips to help check?

Welcome to the community @glauer . I, like you, am a community member as well and try to help out when I can.

I would go into the Wyze app HMS area and then check the Tune Settings to make sure it says on for all devices. However, I have recently ran into an issue where the toggle says one thing and the setting was another. So I would simply turn it off it it is on, back out of the settings area to ensure it commits, then go back and turn it on. Back all the way out and see if it alerts you as expected. No Need to turn on the alarm, it should always sound as long as your Tune Settings are on.

Thanks for help, you steered me in the right direction. The problem wasn’t the single gong when door opened but the constant gonging when I opened door and triggered alarm in the Away Mode. For some reason the sensor was in the Home Mode, not the Away and wouldn’t trigger the alarm upon opening that door but other door worked. I want to Home and Away and set that sensor from Home to Away and it seemed to work now,