Coming from SimpliSafe, what am I doing wrong?

Ok. Somebody has to help me. I spent $1000 on Wyze equipment and I’m so frustrated I’m about to return it all.

My aim was to replace my SimpliSafe system.

When I arm my SimpliSafe, I can arm in either Home or Away mode. Arming in either mode is instant and silent. If you want to arm the system in Home mode, why would you want to wait 30 or 60 seconds? I would do this at bedtime when nobody plans to open doors or windows until morning. Why on earth would I hear a super loud countdown timer to arm the Wyze system??

Ok, so I can silence the arming. What I don’t want silenced would be if a trigger (open door, window, whatever) is activated AFTER the system is armed. There needs to be some sort of countdown so that you have time to disarm the system before the alarm is activated. Preferably not that awful loud countdown noise, but a small beep from the keypads reminding you you need to disarm. Obviously the bad guys wouldn’t know the code to disarm.

As far as I can tell, if you silence one, you silence both. Meaning if you silence the arming countdown, then you’ve silenced the countdown when you enter the house. Without those little beeps upon entry you’d not even know that the system is armed. I have 4 little kids. They know how to disarm the system if they are reminded by beeps upon entering the house, but not if they don’t know it’s armed.

Am I doing something wrong here? The system cannot be this silly.

I initially thought I could silence everything, but create an Alexa rule to alert upon entry that the system is armed and needs to be disabled, but I haven’t had any luck with that. You can create a rule where Alexa can announce when the triggering event happens, but not specifically if the system is armed or not. I don’t need Alexa to tell me every time my door opens. But I do need Alexa to tell me if the door opens at the time the system is armed! I don’t think you’re able to specify armed or disarmed when you create your rule.

Please somebody help! I did see a post about this sort of thing but all the posts were from over a year ago, and figured those issues might have been resolved.

Sorry for the long post but I’m out of ideas!

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Welcome to the community @ellis_jason

Here are a couple of screen shots from Home Monitoring System (HMS).

The Entry and Exit Delay for each setting is where you can set the time and / or the Silent Entry or Exit.

The Tune Setting is what you would set so that the Hub speaker chimes when a door or window is open.


If you have motion sensors or contact sensors indoors in rooms that you want monitored while in Home mode this gives you the option of a delay to exit that ‘zone’ or move thru them before the system arms. You can set yours for no delay though.

No, these are independent settings for both Entry and Exit for both Home and Away mode (4 toggles). Toggle on is Silent, Toggle off is a countdown tone that gets faster before the alarm triggers.

There are no triggers or actions in Alexa for automation of the HMS state. You can use the individual sensor states for Alexa rules, but not the HMS. There are also no Wyze Rules triggers or actions for the HMS.