Home Monitoring with Alexa?

Am I missing something or is there no way to arm and disarm the Home Monitoring system via Alexa? I have an 8 month old and I’d love to be able to walk in my house and say, “Alexa, disarm Wyze,” or something similar while I have my hands full and can’t get to the keypad…

Same for at night. If my wife forgets to set the system to “Home” when she goes to bed, she could just say, “Alexa, set Wyze to home.”


Most alarm/monitoring systems won’t allow disarm by voice because it’s not secure.

However, my alarm system (not Wyze) can arm it by voice without issue.

Then why does it have “works with Alexa” right on the box?

I second @towelkingdom, when it comes to locking/unlocking, opening and closing generally the ability to lock, arm, or close can be done by voice, it’s the opening, unlocking, and disarming that’s unavailable in most cases for security purposes. Sound travels and you wouldn’t want a would be bad actor to be able to open, unlock, or disarm just by saying the magic words loud enough.

I can open my garage doors with Alexa and my smart garage door openers, but I also have to give a verbal pass code, may be an option in Alexa at some point but the HMS is pretty new, I haven’t gotten my HMS yet, but poke around in Alexa some more there very well might be an option similar to the garage door option with a pass code.

Also make sure your Alexa app is on the latest version, they are always releasing new features.

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Most functions work with Alexa. My security system said it worked with Alexa, and it does, just not the disarm function (as was the other security companies I researched before ultimately staying with Vivint).

I can’t speak for Wyze, as I don’t have/need their HMS system, and it didn’t come out until after I had already reupped my contract.

The monitoring system works with “Alexa Guard Plus”. The sensors can also be used to trigger Alexa automations.


I was not aware of this even as a heavy Alexa user, thank you for sharing.

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Agree with this. With a curious toddler and recently switching from ring alarm to Wyze, I hated how you couldn’t get the chime when the door opens from the wyze hub. I recently have been toying with the alexa automations so that when a door opens, the alexa automation plays a chime.

Can you tell me how?