Home Monitoring (HMS) Control with Alexa

Any chance that the Home Monitoring Alarm can be added to voice activation on Alexa etc. We ADT and one of the things thst was great was being able to set the alarm at night with voice on Alexa, or if I forgot I could set it from my car as I drove just using my voice

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This would also be very nice because then you could have the Alex Guard functionality pair with your HSM. It would been even better if Wyze HSM alarms and states could be used as Alexa triggers.


My Wyze Home Security System has arrived, I’ve completed setup and now that I tried to add a Security System device to Alexa, all I get is Wyze’s competitors; I even hit “others” while Alexa tries to discover other security systems, ends up finding none. Wyze needs to add this Alexa skill ASAP to keep up with the market demands. I hope this gets escalated and turned into #roadmap since I want to be able to tell Alexa to “Arm Home Alarm” and “Away Home Alarm” and “Disarm Home Alarm”


I agree. I would like to simply Arm and Disarm my v3 Cameras using Echo Dot. Echo Dot is NOT compatible with Wyze V3. Echo Show is, compatible, but I do not want and cannot use Echo to see my cameras when I am away from home.

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Hms was advertised as “works with Alexa”. But it does not work with Alexa guard. I bought this thinking I could have Alexa arm my system with a routine. Other alarm systems like ring work with Alexa guard, cmon guys this is table stakes.


The more I think about this… If I am home, why would I want to see my cameras. Maybe the front door if I am to lazy to get up and look. Echo Show only works if you are at home. Would challenge Wyze to run the stats. How many people are using Echo Show? How many people want to use Alex - ANY Alexa device? In my opinion, Wyze released a solution with a low number of potential users.

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I think it’s more of Amazon’s fault than Wyze’s fault.
Besides it was always advertised that it was going to be compatible with the “Alexa Guard Plus” subscription (ie: you have to pay extra for that capability):


To be fair, when this was announced, Guard plus wasn’t even functional or launched yet. So it was an “eventually will be compatible with Guard Plus whenever Amazon gets around to making it possible for us to use” type of thing. Not Wyze’s fault…Amazon says that it should allow Wyze to be compatible with this functionality next year:

So, you’ll have to pay extra for the plus option, but Amazon is holding Wyze back until “next year” they say…though they could’ve posted that at the end of 2020 and meant sometime this year.

More info on Guard Plus here:

There are other ways it works with Google or Alexa, but arming or disarming through Alexa will only be possible through an extra subscription to Amazon. Wyze tried to make clear in the FAQ’s and HMS page when they launched that it was only the Guard PLUS service and that it was something that would be available in the future (not right away). But it is true that very few people will read all the FAQ’s or even everything in the launch page, so it is good to clarify for those who might’ve missed it.

Ah this is good news! I’m ok waiting a little bit and even paying extra for it.

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Thank you for clarifying this. However, I do disagree. If you look at the bottom of the page Wyze Cam v3 | Wired Security Camera - it states “Works with Alexa”. In my opinion, they should clarify in their promotional materials what that means. Until now, I never heard of Alexa Guard. It is unfortunate that Amazon is holding Wyze hostage. I have no desire to spend money with Amazon for the luxury of turning on and off Wyze.

Consider that this link is specifically for and about the CAMERAS, not the Security system, and I will say that all my cams do work on my Alexa Echo Shows just like it says, and it works really, really well…I use it all the time. It is understandable how one might feel frustrated if they assumed one product working with Alexa meant EVERYTHING from Wyze works with Alexa…but that is not the case.

Even some things that do work with Alexa don’t have every single feature or rule option integrated in every way I would like.

I don’t want to pay extra money for Amazon either, so I probably won’t get the Guard Plus service, but I do have to say that when the HMS was launched, they didn’t ever just say “Alexa”…they always said Alexa Guard Plus everywhere, so if one saw the word Alexa, I guess it could be misunderstood that guard plus just meant alexa using security and there was no reason to assume it cost extra money. For myself, since I had never heard of guard plus either I went and looked it up and because of Wyze I now use the Alexa Guard Free version when I didn’t know it existed before…but I definitely can’t say that Wyze was misleading or anything in any way because anywhere they mentioned Alexa in regard to the Security system it always said guard plus service with it.

I would like to add arming my Wyze Security System to my Alexa Goodnight Routine. The ability to arm the security system through Alexa would be a big addition!


without this ability, “works with alexa” is not really true in my opinion

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I did not follow Wyze in their launch. So, I don’t know what they did or didn’t say during the launch. But, in their current advertising (today) they are claiming “Works with Alexa”. Echo Dot is one of Amazon’s leading products. “Works with Alexa” implies that the Wyze Cam 3 (that is where they make the claim) would work with Alexa products, not just the Show. With all that, I very much like Cam 3. It would be a nice feature to work with Alexa, but for me not critical. Wyze Tech Support told me it only works with Show. It wasn’t until this community, I learned the details of Guard, Show, etc. As a retired product manager, I have been involved in product launches. This is more than a misunderstanding. Wyze is not being fully transparent with the issue - even with the way their tech support communicates with users. Is this terrible, no. Are they being deceptive, not really. It is just frustrating.

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Not sure if I’m misunderstanding but I can see my cams on the firestick when I ask Alexa to show me “named camera.”

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I’ve also asked for this in multiple boards…do we have a integration date yet? I too use this “Arm the [house name]” in my nightly Alexa routine for “Goodnight.”

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The issue is not viewing the cameras. The issue is asking an Echo Dot to arm or disarm the system.


I have not seen an integration date. It sounds like Amazon is going to want a subscription fee from users for this integration, which I will refuse to accept. Personally, I have given up expecting to arm/disarm via Alexa.

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I wonder why? We can already leverage Alexa Skills to enable Wyze lights, Thermostat, etc…why not the Home Alarm.

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Good question. I assume it is because Amazon wants to tap into a revenue stream. Best to ask Amazon this question. I find it very disappointing.

I agree, this is more of an Amazon limitation, not Wyze. Amazon decides what their own system does free vs paid and they know the security system demographic is more likely to pay extra for this integration. They are making all other security system companies also pay for Alexa to arm/disarm (indicating it’s definitely Alexa’s fault). It really shouldn’t be any different or harder than supporting a smart light (on, off, & current status).

The real reason is the potential for more income.

Ostensibly they can argue it is because they will give it higher priority for support; to help cover the potential liability expenses they’re exposed to with increased risk (not that they are necessarily liable, but people can TRY to sue over ANYTHING and they still have to pay someone to handle all that litigation and grievances, etc), among many other potential variables. I don’t particularly agree with them, but they just need plausible rationales.

Few people would pay to have Alexa turn on their lights, but the word “security” and thus being based on fear gives them leverage to charge money despite it functionality being little different from how a smart bulb works (on, off, & current status).

In the end, it’s greed, but since there isn’t much competition driving the price down with just as many features and convenience, they can get away with charging for now. I expect Matter will eventually make it easier for other 3rd parties to offer similar convenience for free and drive competition in a few years from now (though not with this particular hardware…I just mean in general).

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