Home Monitoring (HMS) Control with Alexa

Agree with your assessment. Cannot fault a business for trying to create new revenue streams. However… It would be nice if Waze would negotiate with Amazon to allow full integration with Alexa for those who are paying a subscription with Waze. For those who do not have a subscription with Waze, then they can upgrade their security system with Amazon. But, this is above my pay grade.


Great points…fully agree. Amazon also has to find a way to help pay for Blue Origin :wink:

This is a fair point. Bezos stated in 2017 & 2018 that he intended to fund Blue Origin with $1 Billion per year from him selling off his equity in Amazon Stock. So, if they nickel and dime people in other ways, it will sort of feel like he didn’t actually lose anything by selling off that equity compared to where he was before those policy changes.

Of course, considering he made an extra $64 Billion just between March 2020 - March 2021, in a single year he earned enough to fund Blue Origin for the next 64 years without even touching the other $100Billion+ he already had before any of that. So, I think Blue Origin is already pretty securely funded already. :slight_smile:

Still, if there is one thing a corporation (especially a mega tech corp) never learns, it’s the word “enough”…they’re built on the same parameters as a blackhole/vacuum. :slight_smile: So, yeah, if they find something people are willing to pay for, they’ll milk that till it turns sour and try to find a way to expand it and choke the competition if possible. Luckily competition often eventually wins out…at least if politicians aren’t bribed…I mean bought…er lobbied & donated to…

Honestly I am kind of surprised the major tech companies are all agreeing to support Matter…it’s almost suspicious…


I absolutely love Wyze products and those integrated with Alexa have been a live saver. I left ADT (which was armable via alexa) and that is the only thing about them I miss with the Wyze home monitoring. Being able to include arming the system with the Alexa routines like the lights and other devices would be a huge help!


Completely agree…we need this feature.

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+1 I would love this feature as well

Alexa integration with Home Monitoring

Please add the skill functionality to allow Alexa to arm the home monitoring system. I requested this a few times, but can’t find in the forum. This was a basic feature with my Ring alarm, and became something I relied upon. Seems fairly straightforward and simple…why not add it??

Specific use case.

I would add this skill as a routine in Alexa. Example…home name is “Fortress”. When I tell Alexa goodnight…I want my Wyze color bulbs in the bedroom to turn off (working today) and then I want Alexa to “arm the Fortress.” This would put my Wyze home monitoring into a “home” armed position. I don’t mind disarming in the app or on keypad. Ring Alarm would allow Alexa to disarm Fortress via voice with passcode “1234”; however I didn’t like speaking my passcode, so didn’t use it much.

Yes please add this feature. When I purchased this system, I assumed this was a given as my previous system had this. Thanks!

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I would be happy to see further development of the Alexa skill to add HMS arming and disarming capability thru voice command to Alexa.

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I bought Wyze home monitoring system because Wyze and Amazon listed that Wyze support was coming to Alexa Guard. But seems those references have been removed on both sides so I guess it’s not planned now? I really wanted to be able to tell Alexa that I’m leaving and it activates guard and Wyze home monitoring. Hope this is enabled soon!

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Any update folks? This is frustrating

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I have not seen anything from R&D of this feature.

Speculating :thinking: here, but with the product history of the HMS being quarantined from any rules triggers and actions outside of the highly restrictive motoring scheduling within the Monitoring tab in conjunction with being segregated from Voice Assistants, I’m certainly not expecting this to happen.

With the Matter initiative progressing and Wyze commiting to that effort, I would be more confident thinking that Wyze is focusing resources to integrating devices and the app in this new interconnectivity format rather than all the individual proprietary old ones that will be obsolete once Matter launches.

Still waiting on Amazon to release the Guard Plus option to 3rd parties. Their website still just states:

in the future, Guard Plus will also be available through partners including Abode, Scout Alarm, Resideo, A3 Smart Home, and Wyze.

As you can see, there are multiple companies waiting for the release still. I have no idea why Amazon is holding everyone up for so long, but it seems everyone is waiting on them.

There has been no official ETA from either company, just a confirmation from both that it is coming.


I would really like to see a future update that would allow Wyze home security to be controlled via commands on Alexa.

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It would be awesome if the home monitoring system was integrated with Amazon Alexa. This way you can create smart home, routines that say, when you arm/disarm the system, certain smart home devices can be run. This would also mean that you can integrate Amazon guard with the system.

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The super brand new Wyze Routers don’t work with Matter. Many routers from other companies do work with Matter.

So, although Wyze has been talking about integrating Matter with their cameras for years, the proof is in the pudding…

Which routers currently support Matter? I’ve only read articles saying that they will eventually support matter, but so far I have only really seen hubs used as Thread/Matter Border Routers. The following have said they will eventually support Matter, but I haven’t seen articles yet saying it is running yet:

  • Belkin WeMo home-automation product line
  • Comcast xFi Advanced Gateway Wi-Fi router
  • Eero mesh routers (5 and newer)
  • Google Nest Wifi Pro
  • Google Nest Wifi Router / Point

I know there are a lot more routers than plan to eventually support Matter, but so far I only know of “Hubs” that do it such as the following:

  • Apple HomePod Mini12
  • Amazon Echo (4th gen)12
  • Google Nest Hub Max12
  • Google Nest Hub (2nd gen)1

Did you find articles or announcements or reviews of WiFi routers that are currently running Matter? I’m sure there might be some, but I haven’t seen any yet. I’d love to read more reviews about it on WiFi routers (all the articles I’ve seen have been about Hubs running as Thread border routers).

I can see from the FCC reports on the Wyze Routers that they have a Zigbee radio in them, so that means they are thread capable and Wyze could update them in the future to be Matter Capable (I can’t say that this means they WILL do so, only that it looks like the hardware is compatible and capable).

Since I haven’t seen a lot of reviews about WiFi routers running as Matter Border Routers or Matter capable in any other way at this exact moment, I am starting to think there is unfinished business with the Matter libraries for Routers. I am totally speculating, but if Matter was ready for all routers I would have expected to see a lot more about it and a lot more companies already launching it on routers that had Zigbee/Thread radios, and so far there has seemed to be an abnormal amount of silence about it except for non-WiFi Hubs from the major 3 companies.

Please direct any new updates or articles about it my way though. I love to keep up on this. So far there are very few companies that have enabled anything with Matter, and a lot of articles I’ve read have said they believe that it will take at least 3 more years before Matter becomes the dominant standard, so I don’t think any company is behind at this stage yet. It’s still pretty early in the game, but I am glad Wyze is at least signed up as a Matter Participant. I have no idea what their plans are, but I’m glad to see their name there and that their VP recently said they’d be participating the Camera library discussions for Matter this year.