Home Monitoring Auto Arm/Disarm

Please add the ability to have home monitoring turn on Away mode when I leave. Auto Disarm would also be nice.

The ability to schedule the home arm/disarm is a common function and is a must for me to keep this service.


This seems like such a simple function that should have been available at launch of a security system. I don’t understand why their products are launched and they don’t even mesh with the existing products.

Please add the ability to arm the system based on either a automation in the Wyze App, or through the Alexa app so the system can be turned on automatically nightly. The alarm is useless unless turned on and we usee the auto arming feature to enusre it gets set nightly on our previous alarm systems.

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This is currently possible in Home Assistant with the WyzeAPI…

Releases · JoshuaMulliken/ha-wyzeapi

WildBill. Thank you! Can you be a little more specific our point to an article. I only saw the ability to turn on or off notifications in the app.

From the site:


So there is an API that I can download and write an app that will do this? I’m really not clear on this at all. Is this capability easly accessible to a non-technical end-user? It looks like i need to create an account on GITHUB to even search/download this - no idea if it is free or not. I guess if you want to take the time to help explain this a bit, I would appreciate it, otherwise, I am not really interested in developer tools that have no user interface or spending hours trying to figure out how this works.

My suggestion was that Wyze add it to their app as they already support some really rudimentary automation/schedules, or support it via their Alex skills which already has the ability to create automations. In my old security system, this was easily done via Alexa once they had added Alexa support for arming/disarming the alarm.



Home Assistant is a platform for home automation. If you have the skills, interest and time, you can automate just about anything with it. It has the ability to work with products from many vendors but it can be very complex and not for everyone.

I do agree that much of this should be in the Wyze app but not sure when or if it will be added.