Why can't we schedule home monitoring yet. WYZE, Please respond


Getting a little frustrated here and wish someone would at least RESPOND. Not being able to simply schedule you home monitoring to arm itself at a certain time and disarm itself at a certain time baffles me that we can’t do it. And, this last email touting home monitoring and tips and tricks for it without the ability to do this is a slap in the face. I’ve made several posts about this. I’ve gotten a stack of comments on it as well from other customers asking for the same thing. Please Please Please, explain why you won’t let us setup these schedules.

I love the company. And, in all honesty, if the reason was you’re waiting to scale the system up so it made sense to have a large enough call center to handle alarms and such. I’d get it. But, silence on this glaring omission has been ridiculously frustrating and, seriously, about to turn me off of anything future purchases. I love what you guys are doing and some of the value. But, I need a little more customer service on this one.

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You know this is a user-to-user forum, right?

I was not aware of that. I’ve had there moderators kick my post in that past for being more than one topic. So, didn’t realize. Might look at a different path then. Regardless, then not talking about it has been very frustrating.

Is this a feature that was available access now isn’t?

WyzeBeta app seems to have this now…it needs an option to disable the rules rather than just deleting them.

Here’s where you find it:


How did you get this option? I does not appear on mine and I am running the latest version. 11…0.0

I’m running the beta app and firmware on iOS: App V2.25.16, hub firmware

Coming soon to a device near you: