Home monitoring feature questions

I’ve seen some conflicting information on the home monitoring system features, so I’m trying to figure this out before setting it up and wasting a bunch of time.

Can you disarm the system from the app? Some posts suggest you can’t after a certain amount of time.

Can you have multiple users arm and disarm from the app?

Can you set zero arm time (silently arming) on home mode, but keep a 30 second timer on the away mode?

Do you get a notification or alert if the hub loses internet access?

Can you change the amount of time between alarm and monitoring center notification?

Duress code?

Will the older sense sensors work with the new hub?


just got mine today. did basic activation and put the wyze sense hub next to all our internet gear in our living room cabinet. but still have to decide where to actually put the sensors. me thinking put motion sensor on stairway post which is in middle of home first floor, and put entryway sensor on front door and other entryway sensor on back sliding door? and maybe order a couple more sensors?

anyways, don’t have answers to all your questions. But… you can disarm from the app or from the keypad. you can also set test mode in the app. you can set the entry/exit delay from 0 to 180 seconds. not sure about sharing unless if you want everyone to use the same app on everyone’s phones with the same login password? don’t know about if multiple users with different levels of access. maybe they’re working on that?? but for us, really we don’t need that if everyone can get to the keypad. but would be nice if can set multiple phone numbers for when they call to verify??? like add a house phone number and not just call my mobile number. oh, there is a safe word that you can set for when they call you to verify if you are okay. if you’re in duress, then say something else and don’t say your safe word.


Only if they are all logged into the Wyze app under the same/single account used to setup the system. Wyze is working on role-based multi-user functionality, but no ETA on that.


Probably not, but I’m not sure.

No, but you can change the amount of time between sensor trigger and alarm.


v1 sensors will work with the v2 hub with the same functionality as the old v1 hub, but they cannot trigger an alarm to the monitoring company (Noonlight).


Found a big problem(s) setting it up today. The base station makes no sound when a door is opened in disarm mode. This is a basic and critical function of every other alarm system I’ve ever had. This is how I know my kids open the back door and run outside. It’s how you know the sensors are working. Simplisafe, brinks, everyone has this feature and it does not seem to exist here.

Also, you cannot seem to add a second phone number. Which means if my phone is off and there’s an alarm they won’t call my wife. Or is i use hers and vice versa. This is basic as well. I’ll be returning

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