Disarm home monitoring system without code

The last 2 days I have been able to turn off the home monitoring system without the code using the keypad. Instead of entering the code after entering the house, I simply hit the disarmed button and it tells me disarmed.
I am no longer in test mode.
My code does still work and I can arm/disarm through the app as well.

Has anyone else seen this? I reported to Wyze support and they said they would get back to me, that it might be a future firmware update. If that’s the case this doesn’t seem like a preorder but more of a beta.

I have never been out of test mode, but I noticed this is the case for test mode, making the “test” not work very well because it doesn’t require anyone to use the pin. I thought it was just that. Maybe it’s not just a test mode problem.

When you trip an alarm by opening your door if in away or home mode, the keypad requires a pin to disarm. If an alarm is not tripped, it will simply disarm with no pin. This tells me you might not have your door sensors monitored while in away/home mode. Just to verify, Have you attached the sensors to Home and Away modes to be monitored in the home monitoring settings?

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I do have the sensors attached to both home and away. But I do not have enough sensors for every door as we are not allowed to order more yet and I was an early adopter so additional sensors weren’t available to order with the system at that time.
This “feature” makes no sense though. If someone comes in through a window while we are sleeping and hits the disarm button they can turn the alarm off and then use the doors freely? I do have a motion sensor pointing at the keypad but I can comfortably walk in and hit the disa button before the system even notices me. Any way to turn off the alarm should be authenticated, either through the app or a code.

Ahh…I see what you are saying now…you can enable the pad to require a pin with each mode change…enable use PIN for mode change option under pin and safety word settings if that helps

That seems weird. You have to use a pin to turn on the alarm too then. Hopefully a future update will split this up.