Set up pin on Wyze sense keypad

Hi all

I recently purchased wyze HMS. Keypad is saying enter pin to disarm…please guide me what is the initial pin and how to reset.

It’s been a while since I set mine up. I would suggest contacting support and they should be able to help walk you through this issue as you are wanting. You can Call them, Email them or do it through Chat.

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Select the Monitoring Tab in the Wyze App → Home Monitoring Settings → Pin & Safe Word

“Use PIN for Mode Change” should be toggled on if you want the keypad to require a pin to be entered to place the system in Home or Away mode.

If it is off, the PIN is only required to deactivate an active alarm or to disarm the system.

There you can update your PIN and your Safe Word.

I wish we could select “PIN not required to switch from Disarmed to ARMED.” :slight_smile:

If you have “Use PIN for Mode Change” toggled off, you can simply press the HOME or AWAY button on the keypad while the system is disarmed and it will immediately arm the system (with countdown delay) without a PIN.

The PIN will still be required to Disarm the system or deactivate and active alarm.

Oh! I will have to switch mine then :rofl: I had it set to Use Pin to make sure someone couldn’t just tap Disarm. I swear when I tested it when it first came out I was able to disarm it without a code that way (at least when it was in Testing mode), so I changed it to require a pin

It might have been fixed in one of the FW updates. I just tested mine (I usually have it toggled on so that visitors can’t fiddle with it and inadvertantly set off my new external air raid siren and get the cops involved).

I toggled that off and it allowed me to arm without a PIN for both home and away (and flipping between the two which is kind of odd). But it would not allow a disarm without a PIN.

Test it and post back.

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