Setting Up Monitoring for First Time

Setting up monitoring for first time. I entered my home info, but can’t find where in the app to enter the PIN.


Start the App and select the Monitoring menu item. Then scroll to the bottom and select Home Monitoring Settings. On this screen, scroll down about 1/2 way and select PIN & Safe Word. You can change or set your PIN there

Here is an Image of where it is.

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Not sure if you were asking where to find the PIN information or where to use the PIN so I will follow up with the when to @spamoni 's where :smiley:

If you entered a PIN during the HMS setup phase and told the system to use the PIN, it will be required to enter the PIN when arming and disarming the system from the Keypad.

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@R.Good , Keypad or App, correct?

I do know that you can cancel the Alarm by entering the PIN from the App if it is going off. In addition, there is a setting Which you can set to indicate Require a PIN when changing modes. Mine is off and therefore, when changing the mode from the app, no PIN is required.

Keypad to the best of my knowledge, unless I missed something,

I have never had the Wyze App request a PIN when changing status from Armed (Home/Away) or Disarmed.

Chances are a bad actor would not be able to disarm from your phone but at break in could simply hit the disarm button without a PIN. Wyze has given the user an option to control with or without from the Keypad

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Hey there,

Here’s my monitoring tab.

Maybe it didn’t complete and I should start over?

Thank you,

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You need to go to Wyze app Home > Monitoring and finish setup. You can’t skip any steps (unless the app gives you that option) or the HMS system will not function correctly and Noonlight monitoring will not be activated. When setup is complete, you will receive link to monitoring certificate.

At the end of setup, you should take advantage of the Test Mode option. This mode will allow you to test your sensors and system options to ensure they work correctly and your settings are to your liking. In Test Mode, you can trigger alarms without notifying Noonlight monitoring. When you are satisfied, change mode from Test Mode to Home or Away and trigger an alarm to test Noonlight connection. When they call, tell them you just set up your system and are testing their response. They will be grateful and probably thank you. :+1:


Hi - Thank you so much! I don’t recall stopping the process. Just kind of got stuck there.

Thanks again! Appreciate the help.