Selective use of PIN for Wyze Home Security

An ability to Arm the Security System (for either HOME or AWAY) WITHOUT having to enter a PIN, while still needing to enter a PIN to DISARM.

It seems at present, if use of a PIN to make a mode change is selected, the PIN must be entered for changing modes in both directions, i.e. DISARM → HOME/AWAY and vice versa.

Even better flexibility/user experience would include —

  • Arm to HOME without a PIN and DISARM from HOME without a PIN provided that none of the triggering sensors have been opened/activated since arming, i.e., the system is not in countdown to alarm. Ex: keypad is upstairs, all entry sensors and motion sensors are downstairs. Before walking downstairs, able to disarm system without PIN.

There is currently an option in settings as to whether or not to use a PIN. Turns off the need for a PIN for everything except turning off the alarm after it has been triggered.


WildBill —

Thanks for your comment and I understand the action of the PIN option at present.

My suggestion is to allow use of the PIN to be more specific, i.e. —
HOME Mode —
PIN req’d to arm “HOME” Mode — Yes/No
PIN req’d to disarm “HOME” Mode — Yes/No
AWAY Mode —
PIN req’d to arm “AWAY” Mode — Yes/No
PIN req’d to disarm “AWAY” Mode — Yes/No

Makes sense?


Absolutely. Options are always better.

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Switch from Home to Disarm without PIN (if no entry delay/alarm active)

Having the ability to wake up and disarm my system without entering a pin every time would be a great option. Especially since that’s what’s described with the “PIN for mode switch” option.

I do NOT want to be able to disarm my system if an entry delay/alarm is going off without entering PIN.
Just when entry/alarm is not going off.

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I just had a discussion with someone on Discord that talked about this in a way similar to other comments in here that made me agree this is a good idea with some good logic.

So, currently, even if we turn off the PIN requirement to switch modes, it still ALWAYS requires the PIN to disarm. My first instinct was that this makes sense in order to prevent an intruder from easily disarming the system without the code.

The idea of this wishlist is that the PIN should ONLY be required when the Entry Delay or Alarm has been triggered, because it means someone entered from outside the house, breaking the secure status. I think almost everyone agrees that the PIN should be required to turn off the Alarm or the Entry Delay.

BUT if there is no alarm or entry delay going off, then the only people who would be disarming the HMS on the keypad are people who are already in the secured house who are authorized. So logically, they aren’t an intruder, and a PIN shouldn’t be necessary to disarm the alarm in that one condition because the secure status was never breached, which means anyone touching that keypad is okay to disarm it. Thus allowing someone to disarm from Home status is simply convenient, while requiring a PIN in that condition is needlessly annoying. I personally don’t see any way that this really reduces security at all, just makes the user experience significantly better.

That is some really good logic. I never thought about it like that, but what some of you are requesting here (and the discussion I just had on Discord) now makes a lot of sense to me. Consider me supportive of having this allowed as an OPTION for those who want improved convenience (and a better experience) while still maintaining reasonable security.


I completely agree with this being an option. If it’s set to Away, it makes sense to require a pin in case someone snuck in a window. Also remember, many times, people have motion sensors, and if they snuck in a window, the motion trigger will activate an alarm anyway. But as Carverofchoice so eloquently put it, if its set to Home, everyone inside the home in theory is allowed to be there already, and should be able to disarm without the need to enter a pin.

Many people (especially the elderly) won’t bother arming the system if they have to go through hoops just to disarm it when they’re already home and just need to go out to the porch for a few seconds. It’s easy enough to get someone to just hit Disarm when they leave and Home when they come in… But if they have to hit Disarm-PIN-Checkmark everytime even when at home… They won’t bother using the system at all… That’s the problem I’ve run into, and I tend to feel the same way.

I remember when it actually did work like this, and in September 2021, an update changed it to the current method of always entering a pin. I recalled posting about this years ago when the change was made, and I just found that link: Pin required to disarm - #20 by CTU.CNY

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