Home security keypad

Can anyone tell me how to create a passcode for the keypad for the new security system???


Did you ever get an answer to this? I never set up a pin because I chose to not require a pin for mode changes. Now that I want to require pin for mode changes I get a “that wasn’t the right verification code” error when trying to update the pin.

I have the same problem, we purchased and installed the Wyze Home Monitoring Bundle and opted not to create a pin because we were just getting started.

Now as I’m not the account holder, my partner tired to now update the pin through the app and gets the same message.

Update - resolved by resetting the whole system and then setting our pin the while in the setup flow.

There’s probably a gap where the setup flow should force the user to create a pin before moving forward, regardless of ‘Use pin’ or ‘Do not use Pin’ is selected on the subsequent screen.

Hope that helps future folks!