Wyze monitoring keypad not working

Unable to set up the keypad for monitoring system. It pairs with hub, but does not arm when buttons are pushed. The home light flashes briefly when reset button is pushed, then goes off. Changed batteries, moved keypad near hub, etc. Went over all of this with support, and they sent a new keypad. Having the same problem. Simply, unable to arm/disarm system with keypad. Can only use app. Any suggestions?

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Some questions to see if we can find the root of the problem:

  • Did any other device fail to install or are not communicating with the hub (contact sensors or motion sensors)?

  • With the keypad installed, does the keypad show in your list of installed devices on the home page?

  • Have you already setup your PIN in the Home Monitoring Settings?

  • Do you have Use PIN for Mode Changes selected? If not, the keypad isn’t much use except when the alarm is tripped.

  • Is the keypad talking to you at all when you press buttons?

When I arm\disarm my system from the keypad, sometimes it doesn’t work if I don’t press all the buttons just right. I found the best results by:

  1. Press the state you want to switch it to.
  2. Enter PIN
  3. Press the checkmark
  4. Press the state you want to switch it to again.

Also, in the app Account → Firmware Update, make sure the kepad is up to date on the firmware.

If this works, you have an extra keypad!

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Rechecked everything, then switched from original batteries to better quality ones. It worked.


Great to hear it is working!