HMS status not in sync between app and keypad

For over 3 weeks now Wyze app fails to am / disarm the Wyze Home Monitoring System, I get an error “Mode switch failed”. I can arm / disarm the system from the key pads but the status fails to update in the app. I have tried rebooting the phone, app restart etc. Nothing seems to help. The hub troubleshooting link in the app shows a message that Wyze is aware of this being an issue. I have submitted several logs and a ticket to Wyze and have no updates, Is anyone else having the same problem. How can such a critical feature, to be able to arm/disarm the system, when away from home, not be functioning and why does it take this long to address these problems?


What hub firmware are you using? The Beta version is said to have several issues. Best way to get those logs to the developers attention its to call Wyze Support at (206) 339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT, and explain your situation to them.


Hi, I have tried calling them, opening ticket, sending logs etc. All I get is scripted answers, Nothing specific to the issue. I am not a beta tester. The version i am on is


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If the app shows a message that Wyze is aware of this being an issue, then we’ll just have to wait for an update, I’m afraid. Updates aren’t instantaneous. They take time to find the root cause, write new code, get the code tested, and then send it out to the masses. Currently the test code (Beta) is also buggy, so I imagine they have a lot on their plate ATM. Sorry I don’t have a better answer.

If you successfully contact support, you might run them through your issue to make sure it is the same, and not a piece of defective hardware.


I have exactly same problem with the home monitoring system.
It has worked for a few months. And then suddenly I cannot arm the house through the app.
I reset the system a couple times which is quite annoying since I have many wyze devises that also need to be reconnected.
But reset does not work.
Still, I cannot arm the house through app.
Keypad works.
It is basically useless now.


I also just yesterday noticed this problem of the app status not being able update to armed home or away using the app version 2.22.16 on Android or IOS. My system will actually arm or disarm but the 2.22.16 app status never changes from disarm and attempts to set or disarm result in the error message “Mode switch failed, please try again”.

I have and old Android LG G6 that is on app version 2.19.15 and it does work better but not quite perfect. It can correctly set or disarm the system and it shows the correct status unless the system was armed by the 2.22.16 phones and then the LG also shows the incorrect status of disarmed.

Just a few days ago I think it was working correctly on my 2.22.16 Android as I was away and verified the status was armed away from a campground we were at. Since then I did update all from the play store :frowning:
My hub is also running the latest beta version

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Since I reported the issue, I spoke a “supervisor”. What a mess. They had me delete the hub and add it back again. I told them that I will loose all my sensors that are connected to the hub. I had already done that once on my own and had to add each of my 35 sensors back again, one by one. Even after all that my issue was not resolved. I was assured that if I did not change the default name of the hub, the sensors would magically add back again. I know, it sounded crazy then and sounds even ridiculous as I am writing this. Anyway, in my desperation, I decided to follow their instructions. Guess what? Yep, the sensors did not show up. Spent the next 2 hours adding the sensors back again. The issue remains unresolved. Thought I would share so that no one else has to go through the same routine.

I am not sure why Wyze cannot get their support right. I have yet to have a single interaction with their support staff that has led to a resolution.

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I have a Samsung tablet on Android 11 that I took out of the beta program and installed app version 2.21.27 from the play store to see if that helped. It acted similar to the LG G6 on 2.19.15 in that I could arm & disarm from the app and the correct status would update. But it still shows disarmed when the system is armed with the keypad.

And then I noticed that the older app versions only connect to my V3 cams. My V2 & Pam cams now fail to connect with error code 68. I assume it’s because I have the latest version of the beta firmware in all cams and they are no longer compatible with older app versions?
There used to be a way to revert to older firmware but I don’t see that option any more.
Looks like I’m trapped in beta land if I want to see all cams and stuck with a broken HMS app beta & non-beta.

I haven’t seen such poor software QC since alpha type testing telecom system features back in the 80s & 90s in a lab environment. Never like this with live customers though!
This Wyze stuff is certainly “entertaining”!

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At the end, wyze decided to send me a replacement (core kit), and the existing one will be returned to them.
My understanding is that the firmware update to the hub caused this issue (hub status will not be synced to the app).
Let’s see a new hub will work or not.

I’ve enjoyed the same issue as well. Once a day I need to re-pair the hub to get my sensors abs rules to work. It doesn’t fix the status switching for Monitoring, though. I still can only do that on the keypad.

@PeterL the next time you add the hub or something else again, do it this way. Just hit the plus button and add it again. DON’T delete it first from the app. That will indeed force you to re-pair all your sensors. Just add it again and it will keep your setting and fix your issue. I do this with bulbs and sensors frequently

Has there been any response from wyze on this? I went away on vacation for 5 days this past week and alarm was totally freaking useless. Keypad doesn’t respond at all not even a beep. The app is just going around in circles.

This is exactly what I am worried about. I have not heard a thing from them about my ticket and I continue to have the same issue even after adding the hub and sensors back. Very disappointing for such a critical item.

Can’t arm with app. When I use keypad to arm, it says system armed. But try triggering the alarm. My alarm won’t trigger, even though the keypad says armed.

Same problem, sent replacement hub same problem

Did they fixed this problem, Having same problem

No mine is not fixed yet. Still the same problem since I opened the topic.

Thanks, on the phone again with Wyze. Told me the same thing delete and set up everything again