Wyze app showed disarmed when Home was set

This morning when I went to disarm the system manually, I noticed that it was already disarmed which it shouldn’t have been based on the rules. So to test/confirm, I walked in to the motion sensor area to see if it detects motion and triggers an alarm or if it was the app issue or if the system was actually disarmed.

Found out that system was correctly set in Home mode but the app was showing it incorrectly (disarmed) and it triggered an alarm.

Is this a known issue?

Maybe it was the app update ? I just had one this morning ( eastern time )

Others have reported this before. Seems to be a recurring problem. Search the forum.

Here is one post I found doing a quick search:

Thank you @WildBill, @Samuel

Not 100% sure but I believe there was a Cam V3 firmware upgrade before then. However, it seems to have ‘fixed’ itself. However, I did have a hiccup of mode switch failed once after that but a retry went thru.

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