WYZE app (HMS/Home Monitoring Service) - Arm/Disarm not working properly in app

Full observation:

**When I arm ”I’m away” with the app, if the system is currently disarmed, the the hub will announce: “armed away" as expected. In the app, it will display the “system arming” spinner, which just keeps spinning. At the screen top right, the “I’m away” button will be dark blue.

**In the app, after a few mins, the “system disarming” spinner will activate, and the checkmark will appear indicating disarmed! At the screen top left, the “Disarmed” button will be green.

It will keep repeating this “system disarming” spinner behavior every 40-45 secs or so…

*Note all this time, the alarm is ACTUALLY ARMED, and opening my door WILL trigger the alarm, and I cannot disarm with the app. I have to disarm with the keypad.

*I first noticed this problem ~ 2 months ago…
Annoying…. help.

I’ve seen this behavior once or twice long ago - few weeks after installing HMS.
It never did it again.

Make sure you have the latest app version. Other than that, I unfortunately have nothing worthy to suggest.