Home Monitoring ALWAYS says Disarmed in the app, even when enabled

If I use the keypad to arm or disarm, I get the announcements as expected. If look at the app, the system is always shown as Disarmed, even if I just used the app to Arm (I get the countdown and everything, and if I enter, I get the countdown timer to disarm).

If I try to Disarm in the app (when the system is Armed according to the hub, I get an error that the system is already Disarmed. I cannot remotely Disarm now.

You can see the Events log shows the last action as it being Armed, but the Disarmed button is highlighted, and pressing it gave that error. But again, opening the door its clear the system is Armed Away.
How can I fix this to make sure I can turn it off remotely?

Have you tried pulling down on the screen to cause a refresh? If that did not work, I would tap Armed Away and see if that triggers it to be corrected. There has been issues where what the screen shows is not reality until you reset it. I have run into this in other area’s in the past.

Also, can you provide which app you are using including the Version number and the FW version of the HMS Hub?

Refresh doesn’t change amnything, and I can Arm Away, and Isee the countdown, but once it finishes the app shows Disarmed.
App is V.2.26.21 and the Hub is

Thanks for the info, Android or iOS app?


Providing this info if you would like to try this, but it will require beta FW to be installed.

I have opted to beta test the Apps and Firmware, most of the time, I have no issues, there are sometimes where I do encounter some issues. But most are resolved for me.

I am letting you know this as there is a new FW for the Hub v2

I am not experiencing the issues you are reporting. You can join the Beta Testing group by going here: Become a Beta Tester – Wyze

iOS is easier in that if you install the app from the store you get the prod version. if you install the app from test Flight you get the Beta App. I would install the app from the Testflight, the go to the app select Account, then About. In about the last menu will say Beta Program, select that and the select edit top right. There you can select which devices you want the Beta FW for. once selected, choose save and back out to the account tab. Then go to Firmware Updates. You should see the FW for the Hub v2 if tou selected it.

You can install the FW and then roll the App back if you wish by uninstalling and the going to the App Store and installing it from there.

Reviving this thread, as it went away at sone point but is back again. I did find that when the system is armed but the app is showing unarmed I can use the app to arm again, and that seems to bring the app and the system into sync, so I can then disarm with the app.

But this old and ongoing.
Hub firmware
App 2.31.1

Something to try.

I experienced the same issue. The system is armed, but shows disarmed. Attempting to arm the system, produces a countdown on the screen, but does not correct the display. Through this entire time MONITORING EVENTS shows Armed Away as does TRENDS.

My solution: Under Home Monitoring Rules, I created a MONITORING SCHEDULE to disarm (in 5 minutes) and then Arm (Away) 5 minutes later. Now my app is displaying the correct alarm status.

I hope this works for you.

NOTE: The active day for your schedule has to be GREEN. I initially thought I was choosing the active day, but by default all days are active and you must deselect INACTIVE days.

I cannot be sure what caused this issue as I am new to the HMS. If I discover it, I’ll pass it along.

Latest Hub Firmware

Latest Keypad Firmware

UPDATE – Possible Cause
Under rules, I created a monitoring schedule to disarm in the morning and arm (away) in the afternoon to allow a person access. They re-armed (pushed the away button) on the way out. All was well after they left. I later remotely checked after the set arm (away) time was reached and again it reported disarmed, but was actually was armed as above. I repeated the steps above and the problem was fixed. The same situation will happen on this Tuesday. I’ll post results if there’s any interest.