Alarm is armed to AWAY, but app shows all 3 options as grey

This has happened several times. I leave the house and set alarm to AWAY. I check later in the day and all 3 icons (disarmed/Home/Away) are grey. When I get home, the alarm is actually armed, but the app doesn’t register it. I have to use the keypad to disarm it.

Is this happening on iOS or Android? Can you post the App Version and HMS Firmware version as well?

I am running the latest Release of the App for Android and iOS:

Wyze Android App = 2.25.22
Wyze iOS App: 2.25.21
HMS Hub Version is:

I did see this on an earlier version of the App / HMS Hub Firmware. But have not experienced this in the last couple of releases.

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Android. I was thought I was up to date, but I was a few versions back on hub firmware and app. I just updated both. Hopefully that fixes it. Thanks for reminding me to check!

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