Arming the system doesn't stick!?

I am fairly sure that at around 10pm last night I checked my doors that they were locked, and then I armed the system as ‘Home’ from the Wyze app right after. The hub confirmed by uttering ‘armed’.

This morning, when I opened the app to disarm the system, the app said it’s not armed. I looked at the event log and there’s no record of me arming the system last night!

I have seen this issue occasionally since I got the system about 18 months ago. The frequency of it occurring increased in the past week or so-- I observed this behavior 3 times.

Has anyone experienced this issue?

Yes, it occurred twice to me since installation.

It seems to be a bug with the app. If you check in the events just below, you’ll see that the system was properly armed when you originally did it, without any other mention about being disarmed.

You can probably confirm that pressing the “Away” button in the app does nothing (a countdown that ends-up in “disarmed” state again.

I finally found a way to resolve the situation using the app. What you have to do is to remotely set the HMS in “Home” mode with the app. From there, you’ll have a proper countdown that will set the HMS in “Home” mode. Then, with the app again, set the HMS to “Away”. At his point, the countdown will start again and properly set the “Away” mode when finished. It fixed the situation both times for me - the last occurrence being yesterday.

Let the forum know if it does it for you too.

I think it’s some sort of an “incorrect state” - aka bug - in the app and that the HMS is indeed active.

Your problem does seem to be an app bug where the state in the app and the that of the system were out of sync, because the event log did show that your system was previously armed.

Mine is different-- my event log had no record of my system being armed, even though I was certain that I armed it as ‘home’ the night before.

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If the system didn’t arm after the countdown and after giving you the verbal confirmation that it did, that is an issue that needs to be investigated.

I have had instances where the app didn’t report correctly, or the logs didn’t report correctly, but those involve the server and it can sometimes not be synced with the app. Since you received the confirmation from the hub, that means the server received the armed command, sent it to the Hub, and the hub executed it.

When you saw in the app that it showed as disarmed, did you open a door to see if it would alarm? Did you check the armed status in the keypad?

What firmware is on the hub?

Keep a close watch on it to see if you can reproduce it. If you do, push a log and post it back here so it can be sent up to Wyze to look at it.

Thanks for your input, @SlabSlayer.

I didn’t check the ‘real’ state of the system by opening a monitored door or by poking the keypad. What I did was to arm the system and then disarm it right away from the app, ensuring the hub make the right calls.

My hub’s firmware is at

I have never pushed a log before. Do you mean doing the following sequence: Home tab > Hub > Settings gear > Wyze support > Submit a log?

Your firmware is up to date so that is good.

Yes. When you do that you will select the hub, type in some symptoms and hit send. Copy the number it gives you and post it back here.

Logs can’t be looked at by Wyze unless they are given the number so sending it does nothing until they get the number and pull it.

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Thanks again, @SlabSlayer, for the info. The system didn’t act up last night. I will push a log and post back here if it occurs again.

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On a related note, the app dashboard may not be recording accurately the “trends.”

The “trends” section says how many hours protected. It worked up to a certain date, but after that date, the bars are gray meaning zero hours protected. However, the system is armed all that time.

I remotely disarmed and then armed again. The monitoring events section reflects the disarming and arming, but the “trends” section still does not show hours monitored.

I just checked mine on the latest Production app and it appears to be working. Today is Wednesday and the bars leading up to today \ current time are colored. The days that haven’t occured yet are gray. I toggled thru Month and Year and they also appear to be working correctly. I went back on each to view the previous week \ month \ year, and they are fully covered with no gray bars.

Is your app up to date?

The “trends” failed again. It was working for a day after I disarmed and re-armed but then it failed again. I had to disarm and re-arm again to get it going.
As for versions of the “app” I have for HMS and 2.37.1 (134) for the Wyze app itself.

You app is out of date and should be updated.

Are you able to post screenshots that show how it is failing?

I updated to 2.38.1 (161). Note this was an update I had to force by going to Play store and finding wyze app and the update was there. The problem does not really show on the month view, but on the week view you can see the app showed days offline but it was always armed the entire time. It kept recording a gray bar until I disarmed and re-armed. I guess I will see if the app update helps although I am skeptical unless the release notes mentioned this bug, which I don’t even know has been reported.