Wyze App v. 2.50.2 not working

Good day,
Recently, I have been having issues with arming and disarming my Wyze Home Security System with the Wyze App v. 2.50.2. Is there a fix and/or resolution for this issue?


Are you able to update to the latest version of the app and see if that resolves it?

No luck…

What issue are you having? Are there any errors? Screenshots?

When I tried to arm or disarm my wyze home alarm system, I get the following message (screenshot) and then system tries arm or disarm until I goto the keypad and manually control the system. I deleted the app and re-install it and got the same results.

This issue started about two weeks ago.

You could try this: Mode switch failed. Please try again - #10 by tedd

That person didn’t put in any further replies to it likely was solved by that as they stated at that time.

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