Monitoring Service - Toggle for "Vacation Mode"

Now that we’re back taking vacations longer than walking around the neighborhood, I’d love to see home monitoring “away” mode override any arm/disarm schedules.

We’ve come home from multi-day vacations to the system being disarmed by the schedule, days before our return. It would be great to have a toggle for “vacation mode” that overrides any schedules.

You could, over time, have this vacation mode be even more robust by activating certain “vacation only” rules that turn on lights at set times, etc. With one toggle enabling a ton of great “vacation” mode features.

But initially the ability for the system to stay armed while away from the premises and not have a schedule disarm would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the support.


You got my vote! I don’t use HMS Schedules, but a simple “Pause Schedules” toggle would be very useful for those who do… Almost like the “Hold” feature on the Thermostat.


Added mine as well. :slight_smile:


Could be a toggle for Away to override rules. I have rules that switch between Disarmed and Home each night and morning. I flip them off while on vacation but I have forgotten too. We only use “Away” for vacation.


Agreed. It is irritating that if i set Away mode which has more sensors activated it is overridden by a lesser security mode due to schedule.

The service seriously needs a “do not change alarm mode if already activated” option. Alarm schedules are buried in settings that are easy to forget where it’s set, and it is an absolute disservice to us customers to reduce security automatically in schedules without proving a means to explicitly set what kind of security we are trying to achieve.


Just signed up for Wyze Monitoring and was looking for a feature like this, surprised it’s not one already.