Home Monitoring Remove Schedule

I have Wyze Home Monitoring and I have service disabled now. I had service for past 6 months.
I remember, I have setup auto schedule of Home/Away in some setting in app but I no longer can find it. I am not sure whether it is due to because I have disabled service or something else ?
Any idea on how to change setting for auto schedule of home/away setting ?

Thanks a lot.

Did you cancel the service or place HMS in test? If you didn’t cancel and have HMS tab populate and doesn’t show an ad, go to the bottom then click in settings, then " home monitoring rules" about half way down.

I did cancel service. So there is no way to change setting now

Since the HMS service was cancelled, the only way to regain access to the settings you need to reset the schedule is to activate a new subscription.

The only way to do it without resubscribing is to factory reset the hub, delete it from the app, reinstall the hub without activating any monitoring, and reinstall all the sensors.

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Why did Wyze did not allow access to setting ? This hardware is now useless without app access so even though I don’t need 3rd party monitoring, basically I can’t use this hardware anymore.

The Home Monitoring Settings and Functions have never been accessible without a subscription. Even if you do a complete reinstall, you won’t be able to access any settings previously set from within the Home Monitoring Settings without that subscription. The system is not compatible with any type of Self Monitoring. You will not be able to arm or disarm the system without a subscription and the keypads cannot be used. Home Monitoring is a subscription service.

Without the HMS, the hub can still be used for sensor rules automations, sensor notifications, and use of the Climate and Leak sensors.

Thanks SlabSlayer.
Some of your info is not correct e.g. I can still access Keypad ( I can arm /disarm/ home/away etc) from Keypad.
I wish that Wyze provided functionally to access app without any active subscription.

You can only do that now because it is still installed as an HMS with an expired subscription. It is currently the only way you have to disarm it if you set it off.

If you delete & reinstall without a subscription you will loose use of the keypads.