Schedule shows alarm disarmed, but it did not

I have the schedule set to arm at 10:29 pm and disarm at 6:01. It has been working for weeks with no issues. Suddenly it no longer disarms. It shows a disarm in the activity, however opening a door sets off the alarm. Of course, talking to support has been no help. Normal responses, force close, reinstall app etc. Now they want me to factory reset the hub, which of course means I will have to spend all my time setting up my over 30 wyze items. And doing this they will not say it would actually fix the issue. I think they broke something with the last update.
Anyone else with this experience and a possible fix?
Customer Support Update: Was just told by customer supportthat there was nothing else they could do. I am to watch for updates and try them to see if that would fix the issue. WOW!
I wish I could use a reliable service like amazon or google to do this so it would actually work!