Home monitoring alarm activating even after being disarmed

Multiple times over the last few months I have come home, entered my PIN to disarm the home monitoring, the keypad alerted me that it was disarmed, and then I get a call from Noonlight stating my alarm was triggered. If it was once I would chalk it up to a user error on my end, but this keeps happening. When it happens, there is no audible alarm from the sense hub. On one of these occasions my phone was dead so I didn’t get the call or even know that there was an issue. I found out the hard way 30 minutes later when police woke me up banging on my door and wanting ID to prove I lived there. I have submitted logs and reached out to Support with zero success. This needs addressed. I can’t continue to have false alarms.

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We had the alarm sound off even though we entered the PIN correctly. Not a clue as to why…