Home monitoring alarm activating even after being disarmed

Multiple times over the last few months I have come home, entered my PIN to disarm the home monitoring, the keypad alerted me that it was disarmed, and then I get a call from Noonlight stating my alarm was triggered. If it was once I would chalk it up to a user error on my end, but this keeps happening. When it happens, there is no audible alarm from the sense hub. On one of these occasions my phone was dead so I didn’t get the call or even know that there was an issue. I found out the hard way 30 minutes later when police woke me up banging on my door and wanting ID to prove I lived there. I have submitted logs and reached out to Support with zero success. This needs addressed. I can’t continue to have false alarms.


We had the alarm sound off even though we entered the PIN correctly. Not a clue as to why…

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Same issue here with zero success in obtaining support also. This has happened to me several times and is often delayed about 5 minutes after the system announces “disarmed”. I also missed the call once because, quite honestly, it’s not expected when your system is successfully disarmed. The cops showed up and I was quite upset (colorful words for wyze).

This also started occurring for me around the new year. I’ve been running in test mode for over a month now to avoid false calls to the police. Wyze has been very unhelpful and frustrating. They have replied to multiple help tickets with instructions how to avoid a user triggered false alarm. I’ve provided logs and multiple descriptions of the event. Very, very, very frustration that they cannot identify the possible issue and issue a fix.

If my next attempt to get help is met with the same kind of useless reply I’ll be cancelling my subscription and challenging the charge through my credit card if need be.


Same issues as described here.

Couldnt disarm alarm in app because it was already showing disarmed!

And when it went off at home got no noonlight call because in app not showing that it had been trigger but my whole house is awake before the sun now

Mine did that too! The app just stopped working with the alarm. Alarm stopped pairing completely. then now it’s just completely not working and they canceled my subscription without my authorization. You try to contact customer support and they dont get back to you. Customer service ghosts you and then they close your ticket without telling you why and wont even refund you when they cancelled your subscription. Class action maybe?

Same exact story here started 11/2023. With “disarmed” then noonlight calling. Missed it once because exactly as stated it wasn’t expected. Then ran in test mode for 5 months while calling multiple times to get it fixed. Same ghosting by customer service.

I recently pressed them to refund my subscription a day ago and all subscriptions were expired on my account.

  • Home monitoring gone
  • Cam Plus Lite Gone
    No explanation, no refund.

I was a supporter of Wyze for 6+ years and have many devices, honestly loved them. I can’t understand why a company would treat customers like this. Just turn off my prepaid membership 1/2 way through with no refund or fix. Are they going under, how is support so bad?