Alarm went off, I was late to keypad to disarm. No call?

Hey Wyze fans/users. I moved to a new home within the last month, took out an old ADT system and replaced with Wyze.

As per title, I was a little late to disarm alarm coming into the house and got a solid 5 seconds of the alarm blast before I could get it disarmed.

I expected a call from Noonlight but it never came.

Do they not call in certain scenarios like this fast deactivation?

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They probably didn’t call because you disarmed the system

Usually Noonlight will text you , and if you don’t answer the text or disarm the system they’ll call you

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No. They will send a text first. It is automated by their computers and can take some seconds to trigger. If their computer system doesn’t get a text back immediately, then their computer dials you. When their computer gets the all clear from you canceling the alarm before the text comes or before the call comes, their alarm response is immediately terminated.

I have had times when I got the first text immediately after disarming followed by another that said they were calling, followed by yet another that said they were canceling the Alarm Response because I disarmed, followed by yet another wishing me a safe day… Back to back to back to back… all before they could place the call.

I appreciate the feedback. In my case, no call, no text.

Doesn’t give me a lot of confidence if they were meant to contact me.

I have zero evidence they were even aware of the alarm. Hmm.

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Can’t you contact them and see if you can do a test run to see if they get a notification? Just a thought :upside_down_face:

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Make sure your HMS isn’t in “Test Mode”. If it is in Test Mode, Noonlight never gets notified. Test Mode has to be off for them to get the notification.

That is in the Home Monitoring Settings and should show as a tile in the Monitoring Tab.

Make sure your Mobile Phone Number is correct in Home Monitoring Settings → My Information → Phone Number. That is the number their computer will text and call.

Make sure you don’t have Noonlight’s numbers blocked or your spam filter isn’t rerouting texts and calls.

Noonlight doesn’t have a dedicated Customer Support phone number, but they do have a chat portal that can be used to contact them to verify that your Monitoring is active.

Once all settings are verified, set off the alarm and see what happens.

I give you permission to test yur alarm system. Set it off intentionally… and see what happens. Be sure to have yer “code word” when they call!

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To close this out. I let it be and accidentally activated the alarm upon entry yesterday.

As per comments here, immediately received a text from Noonlight and upon deactivating alarm received a second text from them wishing me a good day.

I guess whatever was wrong fixed itself.

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Hi all. I’m praying someone can help as Wyze just sends me useless troubleshooting emails versus someone actually helping. I have had my alarm accidentally triggered a few times now and never receive a call or text. I feel like I’m paying for protection I do t really have. I haven’t changed my number, I did get a new Wyze router but made sure to connect my device. ANY advice would be most helpful!!! :pray:t2: