HMS response during entry delay

Sometimes whenever I trigger a sensor while my Wyze Home Monitoring System is armed, a response from Noonlight will be activated before the entry delay has elapsed, including after the alarm is disarmed with the keypad.

The first time it happened to me:

I’m hypothesizing that Noonlight is activated by Wyze’s servers independently of whatever my sense hub is doing, and the internet connection at my location is unstable so the servers won’t know right away to cancel the alarm response.

Is this true? If so, I can mitigate the problem by increasing the entry delay time and doing what I can to improve the internet connection.

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This shouldn’t be happening. Noonlight should only be notified when the alarm is triggered, not when the delay is activated before the alarm gets triggered.

The only thing I can think of is that the deactivation locally didn’t get transmitted in enough time to cancel the alarm activation and you were right at the delay cutoff. It very well may be because if that slow internet connection. Increasing the delay should give you more time for the disarm to be transmitted and registered.

I always use the app to disarm before I go in so I know it is disarmed. That way the server initiates it and confirms it in my app on cell data rather than from the hub and keypad. I only use the keypad if I forget.

I figured as much. I assume the response event is activated asynchronously on Wyze’s backend servers because of cases like mine. It makes more sense to have a centralized backend with 100% uptime and boatloads of redundant high speed connections handle this important task reliably than to have your customers’ individual hubs with a wide variety of connection conditions try to do it on their own and potentially fail.

I will increase my entry delay and see if this helps. Thanks!

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