WyzeCams as a house alarm


I have several WyzeCams set up inside and around the house and am very happy with them.

I’d like to build an alarm system which I can arm/disarm when I exit/return to my house. Arming/disarming would simply enable/disable notification on my phone, since the cameras already have recording and alerting turned on.

The best outcome would be a simple H/W box with a big arm/disarm button to toggle my push notification settings.

Any idea where I can find APIs to enable me to build that? Alternatively, could I use IFTTT APIs and the IFTTT/Wyze integration to accomplish this?



There is no Wyze API to let you do this. However, you can turn on/off notifications via IFTTT. So if you can figure out how to integrate IFTTT with your hardware rig, then you could do it. That is a question better asked on an IFTTT forum since it’s really not at all Wyze specific.

On the other hand, you can set up a Shortcut (task) in the Wyze app which will appear at the top of the device screen allowing you to turn on/off notifications with one button push. If you have an old phone laying around, you could put it by the front door, logged into Wyze with the Wyze app open on the Devices screen thus creating your hardware button.

Cool. IFTTT is working for me but it’s non-ideal.

I’d love to have some API I can hook up an Arduino rig to.



The IFTTT rules to arm/disarm the cameras when I leave/return home (via Life360) works great. Is there a way to control programmatically the camera light settings so that lights-on would indicate armed and lights-off indicate disarmed?

How do you plan to get around the dead period? I have a camera in the kitchen trying to see which dog needs a beating for counter surfing during the day. I see bread on the island, and a dog walking around the kitchen. 30 minutes later, the loaf is gone, but no video of the loaf going. I can only assume that the dog is brilliant, and knows about the dead period on motion detection. These cameras are a fantastic form factor for a security system, but the non-continuous storage issue would be frustrating in a real burglary attempt.