Help with automation?

I’m looking through IFTTT (just started using the app and I’m brand new to Wyze products so my apologies if I missed anything) and here are the things I would like to do but can’t figure out how:

  1. Turn off my Wyze smart light when motion is no longer detected by my Wyze camera v2. (I was able to set a trigger in my Wyze App to turn on the camera when motion is detected)
  2. Have my Wyze smart light to go off at the same time as my alarm. (I have a rotating work schedule so I’m usually changing my alarm by 30 minutes give or take every day. It would also be acceptable to me if Wyze had its own alarm feature built into the app as long as I could control it with Google assistant voice commands and set them both with a single command like “Wake me up”.)
  3. Set off phone alarm if motion is detected by camera. (It is very easy for me to miss push notifications. I need something more attention grabbing so I don’t miss the notification for hours.)
  4. Google assistant voice command to display camera feed on phone.
  5. Play audio file when motion sensor goes off. (I’d like to have a warning play that informs any unwanted guests of the fact they are being recorded and that the recording is being backed up online so they can be motivated to leave)
  6. Stream camera feed to chromecast when motion sensor activates. (I’d like to show any unwanted guests the feed of them in my house so they see what the camera is seeing and know the police will see it as well if they don’t leave)
  7. Record to phone when motion sensor activates and continues until the sensor is clear. (I’d like to have a video saved of everything any unwanted guests might do in my home that isn’t saved locally on the camera they might destroy. And I’m aware that I could manually press the record button to do this but sometimes I miss the notifications.)

I’ve just started creating my own IFTTT applets and I was able to create 2 of them so far to turn on Wyze Smart Lights when you arrive home and to turn them off when you leave home.

I find this very handy as I arrive home after sunset most nights and always have to turn the same lights on when I arrive and having the option to turn all the lights off when I leave home puts my mind at ease that I haven’t forgotten anything and am wasting power.

2 wishlist items down, 7 to go.