Wyze sense and ifttt setup

How do you get the sensor switches and motion detector to show up in ifttt? When creating a new appellate only my cameras show up as available devices. No sensors or motion detectors. My new devices are already set up and working with the bridge


I got a response from WyzeMike yesterday to a similar question:

Thanks for the post! We have the integration done and have been testing. I was pushing to try and get a more advanced feature included (basically custom “left open” times and the option to say if my motion sensor has been clear for x minutes), but it’s looking like we won’t have it for the initial release. We have those abilities in the Wyze app, but IFTTT may be a bit more simple (at least to start). I’m working with our team to publish as soon as possible and I anticipate having an update VERY soon! :smile:


Thanks I’ll be waiting. I hope we get Alexa integration in the future

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If you didn’t notice, fyi the shortcuts part of the Wyze app has a feature to “automate”. You can select to automate upon “events” (and time). Open the selection of events, and you’ll see the sensors as triggers for certain actions (turn on camera, turn off camera, start recording, etc). Not exactly IFTTT, but it is at least a start of the sensors triggering limited actions.

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IFTTT would solve my current issues! Really trying to figure out how else to trigger his lights with the new sensors. Anyone know of another way?

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Same here. Only reason I got the sensors, to trigger lights on for x minutes. Hope soon


There is a problem with turning lights on, then off again using a PIR sensor when there are multiple trigger events. See paragraph 6 in my review of one.

FYI - I think your Wyze Sense FAQs are incorrect. The last FAQ on the page reads:

"What integrations will Wyze Sense be compatible with?

At this time, you can use IFTTT. We’re also working on getting Alexa and Google integration up and running though. If you want to see a specific integration added, feel free to let us know on our Wishlistforum!"

Please let me know if I am missing something. I’d love to have these things up and running with IFTTT!

Thx. Smartthings sensors (motion and door) and hue motion work fine with others I know. Why wouldn’t motion trigger lights, all clear trigger lights off?

Once the integration for IFTTT works with Wyze Sense, I think we’ll be able to trigger a ‘scene’ in Smart Life. I use an outlet to do this, but I imagine it could be done with a light. I configured the smart scene to turn on, wait 2 minutes 30 seconds, then turn off.

I am looking forward to when the Wyze Sense Motion Sensor will showup in the IFTTT skill.


I’d love to have an IFTTT function where Alexa and or Google Home would make an announcement when a sensor is triggered and I’m not home. Something like “Intruder Alert” which might thwart a would-be robber.

This is doable with HASS.IO and IFTTT (using webhooks). https://www.reddit.com/r/Wyze/comments/bo9x42/send_alexa_notification_is_wyze_sensor_is/enl8y0v/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app

For what it’s worth, this really isn’t a request for Wyze, it’s the google assistant limitation that prevents broadcasting a message or sound using IFTTT. But as noted, using HASS.io you can make a google home receive a broadcasted sound or message.