Wyze Sense and IFTTT

Anyone have information on when Wyze Sense sensors will be available as a trigger on IFTTT? I don’t see the contact sensor status (open/closed/left open) as a trigger (“If this”) currently, and the motion triggers on there currently seem to be the camera motion detection, not the PIR sensor. The AMA (thanks again @wyzemike) indicated ifttt would be integrated, but I just don’t see it yet. My pre order is about ready to ship, and I’m narrowing down my placement options. Ideally, I’d like to have some Phillips Hue lights turn on at certain times with PIR motion, or open status… Until the Wyze Bulb comes out, I think ifttt is my only option. TIA!!


@CaptainMark ??


I will check when this is ready as I am not working on this directly, thanks for bringing this to my attention.


Thanks for the post! We have the integration done and have been testing. I was pushing to try and get a more advanced feature included (basically custom “left open” times and the option to say if my motion sensor has been clear for x minutes), but it’s looking like we won’t have it for the initial release. We have those abilities in the Wyze app, but IFTTT may be a bit more simple (at least to start). I’m working with our team to publish as soon as possible and I anticipate having an update VERY soon! :smile:


Got the sensors for this specifically. To trigger my Hue bulbs on (hopefully for x minutes). Otherwise, these are just notification triggers…? (Or trigger a recording, which should happen with the camera itself :face_with_raised_eyebrow:). Thanks!!!


@WyzeMike any updates?


I agree. Got these sensor to create an action when it detects and event. Without the ability to create action, the product has no value. Should integrate with Alexa or IFTTT at a minimum. I would not release the sense product to the market until this happens. There are tons of other sensors on the market that are fully integrated


Hopefully it will be soon. I’m optimistic…Technically, they haven’t been officially released yet, still pre-release😀.

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We were able to ship the Sensors earlier than we initially anticipated (April instead of May) which meant we were just a few days ahead of our IFTTT schedule. We are submitting for approval today and have asked IFTTT to expedite the approval. So by Friday IFTTT should be up and running.

Sorry for the delay and thanks for being an Early Backer!


Will there be support for Wyze Sence in Ifttt soon? Would really open it up to everyone.

Eagerly waiting for Friday.

Thanks Mike for the update and your hard work! Looking forward to it! Can’t wait to get more!!

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Great news. I think the advance option you discussed “open for x time” would be really helpful as well. Are you planning on integrating with Alexa? I

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Thanks Mike! Happy to have the sensors ahead of schedule, looking forward to IFTTT support, maybe someday you guys can hook us up with SmartThings integration too?


IFTTT is officially live! You can now have contact sensors trigger when they open or close & motion trigger when it detects motion or becomes clear. We plan to add additional functionality (e.g. trigger if door has been open for X minutes) in the near future, but I wanted to make sure we got the core service out ASAP.

Thank you all for your patience and enjoy automating away! :grin:


great news! Any plans to add them to the Alexa skill?


just tested motion sensor with Caseta wall switch. works perfectly… what is the timing for NO MOTION to turn off? that would be nice to customize.
also what is the rearm trigger time? its at least a minute as far as I can tell. which is MUCh too long… for instance if someone comes in to a room… forgets something, walks out (lights go off) coming back in room wont retrigger.

BTW, motion sensor from time switched on to switched off due to no motion is 45 seconds… so thats good

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Good news. Will test now!

Agree that Alexa skill would make a huge difference since we could connect event to the power of alexa routines. IFTTT has pretty basic actions.

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I’m curious if anyone can think of a way to get a motion detected or door open message to automatically announce on an alexa/echo whenever the event occurs using IFTTT. I know that alexa can do this with a different brand of motion sensor but wyze integration isn’t ready yet. I previously tried to use IFTTT to trigger a virtual motion sensor that I could add to alexa but never managed to get it working.

woohoo! came here to complain yesterday, but saw that the wyze team was on top of it. thanks for the ‘no BS’ response and quick implementation. excited to go home today and try this out.

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