Add More IFTTT Triggers and Actions

With the amount of products being released growing and the requests for more IFTTT integrations increasing, we have consolidated them here.

Please click VOTE at the top to indicate your desire for more IFTTT features. You can reply to this topic with thoughts on which of these are most important to you, We understand that having these requests consolidated in a single #wishlist topic means that you can’t vote on them individually. That is why commenting about your favorites, use cases, and personal significance is important. Wyze will consider those comments in prioritizing implementation.

Currently available features:

  • triggers (something happens)
    • Motion is detected
    • Sound is detected
    • Smoke alarm is detected
    • CO alarm is detected
  • ingredients (info able to be passed to other services)
    • MotionDetected
    • TriggerTime
  • actions (something we do in response to an action)
    • Restart device
    • Turn off device
    • Turn on device
    • Enable motion detection
    • Disable motion detection
    • Turn on/off notifications (globally)
    • Record a short video clip

Requested features:

  • triggers
    • Motion is detected for X time (both camera and motion sensor)
    • Person is detected
    • Motion not detected for X time (both camera and motion sensor)
    • Sound is detected (even if it’s cooling down from a recent alert)
    • Sound not detected for X time
    • Barcode is scanned (during setup we scan a barcode for wifi info. I’d love to use that for other things.)
    • Time lapse is completed
    • Night vision is activated / deactivated
    • Camera is turned on/off
    • Contact sensor or sensor group is (open/closed) (optionally for X time)
    • Wyze Lock is Locked, Unlocked, Jammed, Opened, or Closed
    • Ability to apply all applicable triggers to device groups
  • ingredients
    • Sound detected
    • Media (video/photo related to the trigger)
    • Night vision mode (on/off/auto)
    • SDCard present
    • Device info (everything from the Device Info tab, each in its own ingredient)
    • Plugin version
    • Quality (360p, SD, HD)
  • actions
    • Turn on/off notifications (per device) (both cameras and Sense)
    • Play audio through the speaker
    • Take a photo
    • Set night vision mode to on/off/auto
    • Set LED Night Vision IR Lights on/off
    • Start time lapse
    • Enable/disable sound detection
    • Set motion detection sensitivity
    • Set sound detection sensitivity
    • Set quality (360p, SD, HD)
    • Turn on/off sound recording
    • Turn on/off Pan Scan
    • Move Pan Cam to a specified waypoint
    • Execute Wyze app Shortcut (see Note below)*
    • Turn on/off motion tracking (Pan Cam)
    • Turn on/off motion tagging (green box)
    • Flash Wyze bulb on/off for a defined time
    • Toggle Wyze Bulb on/off state
    • Ability to apply all applicable actions to device groups
    • Turn vacation mode on/off
    • Wyze Lock: Lock, Unlock, Beep

If more (reasonable) suggestions are made in the comments, they will be added to the above lists.

“Execute a Wyze Shortcut” has been split out to its own #wishlist topic because it would satisfy many of the other actions listed above. Vote here: IFTTT Action to Trigger Wyze Shortcut / Rule.

Credit: Thanks to @unrealnighthawk for originally developing this topic.

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thanks for making the post and willing to maintain the original post.


Add to that action list :smiley:

Pan Scan On/Off - This is the main added feature of the pan cam but it’s not part of the IFTTT Integration (yet).


Good idea! I added that to the list. In what scenario would you use that action through IFTTT?

I don’t have that model, so I don’t know what options are possible. Feel free to suggest more.

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I don’t want the camera to be panning all time, but just when I leave home, but I do want it on at all times.


4 posts were split to a new topic: Camera with built in siren

I really think that having the ability to enable/disable sound detection is huge and I really wish that they add this ASAP. I have multiple cameras and have to keep changing this manually :frowning:


Rick, hi, questions:

Can I get IFTTT trigger for :

Sound is detected
Smoke alarm is detected
CO alarm is detected

Could you please add to IFTT and also perhaps consider Glitching?..

I need to be at home, and stop motion detection but reactivate them after 7pm… I could disabled using LIVE360 (geofence) motion detection using IFTT when back in home, but also need to activate/deactivate sound when last/first family changes, and also back trigger for an amount of time.

Let say that at night I want after 10pm motion detection be re-activated again despite family states are still at home ( not triggered by Live360)

I know that you can use the IFTTT Webhooks with Glitch, to add the ability to trigger multiple IFTTT applets for free, but only only service providers could do it to trigger multiple IFTTT applets when it gets triggered.

Also consider to add in App:

in alert settings menu:

Motion: Set alert schedule

Sound : Set alert schedule ( this avoids that people at home trigger alerts when dinner, parties, etc, but still have motion detection outside)


IFTTT services:

-Enable sound detection when I leave home (to be used with geofencing Live 360)

-Disables sound detection when you arrive at home (to be used with geofencing Live 360)

Following the next example of IFTT:

-Automatically enable sound detection at bedtime

-Automatically disable sound detection in the morning

-Automatically enable motion detection at bedtime

-Automatically disable motion detection in the morning


All the best,


IFTTT triggers for sound/smoke/co detected are already implemented in IFTTT.

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I’m loving the camera and integrating it with the IFTTT app. It would be great to be able to set up an applet so to turn off sound monitoring when I am home. Is Wyze going to create this ability in the near future like you can with other functions of the camera?


I would love to see a trigger for motion Not detected. I run a 3D print shop and it would be awesome to get a notification when the printer stops!


Good question. I see this topic is marked maybe-later, so who knows. If they add the action to enable/disable monitoring then what you’re asking for should be possible with IFTTT.

I added “Motion not detected for X time” (sound too) though I would guess that’s a little harder for them to set up. If it was just “Motion not detected” then it would be going crazy all the time.

But I think since “not detected for X time” isn’t something the camera is already checking, they’re unlikely to add IFTTT support for it.

If you run day and time for IFTTT and set up a time, Then go and enable sound detection on wyze in iFTTT there is no option for that. There is only option for Enable and Disable motion detection. Can we please add this. Unless i am doing something wrong.

Is there a better way to enable sound alert notification with IFTTT

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No, there’s not an action to enable/disable sound detection with IFTTT. But I’ve added that to the list. Thank you @metsfan2152!

Awesome! Thank you for adding that to the list.

I think that you are spot on adding for x time. I have a Wyze cam pointed right at my printer for monitoring and for timelapses, and THought it would be great to get an IFTTT going to notify me if there is an error or the print is done. Both scenarios would include the printing going from a state of constant motion to a state of no motion. If they added that feature, it would be a huge benefit to the 3D Printing community as a whole.

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@unrealnighthawk… Please add Turn On/Off Notifications Per Camera to your list of desired actions.


Actually, I think you can already. When I select WyzeCam as an action, it asks which camera it applies to in a drop-down.

All Wyze actions have an Action Field to specify the camera, except the Notifications actions. Those, unfortunately, work only on the global notification setting and not the per-camera notifications. For example, here’s the action block for enabling motion detection, which does have a camera selection:


But here’s the one for Notifications, which does not have the camera selection field:


The per-camera option for notification control needs to be added.


Another very important Action that could be added would be “Execute Shortcut”. This would run any shortcut that the user has set up in their Wyze profile. Adding this would eliminate the need for many of the other requested Actions, since they could be accomplished via the Shortcut Action. Even better, this would allow multiple actions to occur via a single IFTTT recipe.