Wyze Cameras and Doorbells, Wyze Cam Plus, and IFTTT Motion Triggers

Suppose you want to take some action based on your Wyze camera detecting a person (which already assumes you have some version of Wyze Cam Plus subscription for that camera).
To set that up on Wyze you would go to the settings for that camera in the Wyze app and set is up as:
Notifications - On, then check the boxes you care about, let’s say Person and Pet.

Then when you look at the Wyze triggers in IFTTT, you see a Wyze trigger called “Motion Detected. The trigger fires when a Wyze Cam detects motion.”

That is ambiguous. Does that trigger fire whenever Wyze detects motion, any motion, or only the particular kinds of motion that are checked. Turns out it is the latter. Really the trigger should be called, “Motion Event Notification Sent by Wyze”.

OK, at least this only triggers for motions that I care about. But, what if I only want this IFTTT applet to trigger if it sees my pet bolt out my front door. There is no separate “pet detected” trigger in IFTTT.

The best solution I have found is to use the Android Device service in IFTTT and choose “Notification received from a specific app”. This of course means you need an always on Android phone or tablet with the Wyze app and IFTTT app running so this trigger can fire. Back to creating the applet, fill in “Wyze” as the app name and “Pet” in the keyword section, or perhaps “Pet detected on Doorbell” if you need that specificity. Now choose your IFTTT Then action and you are done.

Not ambiguous. Exactly what it says in the description. Any motion activation. Not specific to any particular AI tag Wyze adds on their AI Server. That is why AI isn’t mentioned in the description.

No, because it isn’t based on a notification. Wyze isn’t required to send a notification and you aren’t required to get any notifications from Wyze for the trigger to work. You can have all your notifications turned off. It is based on the cam triggering a Motion Event, not on Wyze sending or you receiving a notification.

No. The IFTTT app runs in the background watching notifications for your specified criteria once the applet is created. Likewise, the Wyze app is also running in the background to notify you when the app is closed. Neither are required to be open. It does, however, require that your AI notifications be on.

Replying to @SlabSlayer. The motion detection trigger is more subtle than either of our answers. If under the Event Recording setting on my camera, I choose Smart Detection Events, then the IFTTT trigger will only fire on those selected events such as person or pet. If on the other hand, I choose All Motion under Event Recording, then IFTTT triggers on any motion. Wyze Cam v2, Firmware 4.9.9,1851

I do agree with your correction regarding Android Device service that both IFTTT and Wyze only need to be installed and then they will run in background and be triggered, my mistake.

The IFTTT trigger will fire whenever ANY motion event is uploaded to your account on the server from the cam. It has no discrimination as to what type of event is being uploaded by the cam. If an event video is uploaded, the trigger fires.

If you choose, within the cam settings, to limit the Event Recording Uploads to Smart Detection AI Events only, then only those events are uploaded to the server by the cam. But, the IFTTT trigger cannot tell the difference between an AI Smart Detection Event upload and a Motion Only Event upload. All uploads pull the trigger.

Additionally, not every cam or cam firmware version has the capability to limit uploads to Smart Detection AI events only. Many V3 cams still on FW 4.36.9.xxx and prior do not have the option to limit uploads. The newest cams, the OG-S and OG-T, as well as one of the older cams, the Video Doorbell, also lack the setting required to limit the motion only uploads in favor of Smart Detection AI uploads. Other cams cannot do this unless updated to a specific firmware version that introduced the capability.

@slabslayer Helpful info for sure, however the IFTTT trigger description says, “… the trigger fires when a Wyze Cam detects motion.” But, what you are saying is that the trigger is not based on whether the camera detects motion period, but rather is limited by the the camera’s settings (such as the Event Recordings Smart AI settings), as enabled or limited to the camera model and firmware build.

Also, some AI is done on camera (v3), while in other cases in the cloud through Wyze Cam Plus per: https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/9858695614235-Is-Edge-AI-Person-Detection-the-same-as-Cam-Plus- So it is also confusing when you say, “The IFTTT trigger will fire whenever ANY motion event is uploaded to your account on the server from the cam.” Does Cam Plus confirm the AI person event to my v2 camera and the camera then tells IFTTT server, “hey I detected a motion event”, or is it the Wyze server and not my cam which makes this declaration to IFTTT? Also, since all the cams versions can detect simple motion, but AI often must happen in the cloud, it could make sense that literally any motion would cause the IFTTT trigger – camera sees motion, trigger IFTTT event; no need to worry about Cam Plus sub, AI features on camera, …

So, as I said originally, the IFTTT trigger description is ambiguous. Users should be cognizant that getting this right can be tricky.

The IFTTT trigger IS based on the cam detecting motion as it pertains to your account on the Wyze server. IFTTT gets those trigger events FROM the Wyze server. What Trigger Events you allow to be uploaded from the cam to the server is your personal choice and has always depended on your settings in the cam. Turn down your sensitivity to 1 and see how many IFTTT triggers you get. Set a Detection Zone for 75% of the FOV and see how many IFTTT triggers you get. The cam settings have always had a direct affect on the number of motion activations. Why would limiting the number of Events and uploads to AI only be any different?

The only AI currently done on the Camera is in the V3Pro, not the V3, and it is not a complete AI package. In order for it to accurately identify Person AI, which is all that is on the cam, it must also use the server AI for confirmation of the AI tag. It is there not to replace the server AI but to speed the AI tagging and notification process. Somewhat of a pre-filter. If, however, a V3Pro is not subscribed to CP, it is my understanding that the V3Pro, having the limited EdgeAI PD onboard, can still produce an AI PD Event Thumbnail upload to the server, provided it is outside of the 5 minute cooldown period, when a person is successfully tagged by the cam. Because this is a server Event upload, the IFTTT trigger would fire.

The Wyze Server. That’s why you had to provide your User\Pass to your Wyze account to IFTTT.

Not ambiguous. Just simple and uncomplicated. It is what it is.