New and confused about notifications?

Just got my first v3 cam, and I’m using the wyze app on my fire tablet. I haven’t signed up for any subscriptions yet (don’t understand them yet), is there a way to configure the camera to send me a notification when it detects motion…I’m looking for pet sized motion ideally, but any motion will do. Can it send me a notification to the app, maybe over wifi? I have my fire tablet on my desk and it would be great if a notify would chime, or do a popup to gain my attention as I work so I can handle if motion was detected…then ideally view the motion and see if I need to get up to address the motion or not and go back to work. Is there anything like this with wyze?

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Hey @jfharper

Yes. What you describe is included in the basic functionality of the product even without a paid subscription.

I’m not sure what are the default settings in the app with respect to Motion Detection and Notifications but in any case having those both set to ‘On’ is required to achieve what you want.

Person detection is achievable at a name-your-price (including $0) with a little bit of work. Pet detection is only available via a Cam Plus subscription and you get other types of detection (eg package) as well.

I think I have this right but others will be along to correct and expand as needed.

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Thanks for your reply. I currently have motion detection on and notifications on. But I am not getting anything other than an event recorded in the events tab of the app. Upon a motion event, I get no sound or chime notification, nothing to my phone either. So there really is no notification or alert when a motion event triggered…for the basic plan…am I missing something or is that normal? Thanks.

There is a setting called “Notifiy me when camera” “Detects Motion” have that set to ON but nothing “notifies me” all it does is record an event to the events tab…quietly…no sound or nothing…I even have to swipe down in the events tab to force it to show me a new event was recorded. I’m looking for something to be a little more active, or “notify me” with a sound or something that is not too delayed…so far the app is not doing that, unless I am missing something? I even chatted with support a couple times, the second time the rep said there should be a sound when the cam detects motion and records the event…but it’s not giving me a sound…that’s really all I’m after.

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What’s your level of tech aptitude, would you say? Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced?

I only ask because of the number of possible options, settings and plans available with these products it can get pretty convoluted pretty fast.

tech aptitude probably intermediate to advanced.

The tough part is understanding terminology. For example: here:

under the basic plan, they mention “Motion-Triggered Alerts” included. What are those exactly? If they are only to save an event thumbnail or video to the events tab, I am looking for more of an “alert”…meaning if I’m not actively browsing the app and manually swiping the events tab to update, I would like to be alerted…like with a sound or something. My terminology for an alert would be a sound…if wyze only means saving a thumbnial as an alert, that’s a difference in terminology I struggle to understand.

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You have the Wyze app installed on both a phone (Android or iOS?) and a Fire tablet.

The Wyze app on a Fire isn’t formally supported, I think, but there are plenty of people on the forum who’ve installed it and are using it successfully. On the off chance it may be Fire-related, I’ll defer to someone with Fire experience before going further - I have none.

Android or iOS installations should be EZ-PZ and give you exactly what you’re expecting. :slight_smile:

Did you accept the Cam Plus free trial?

OH, I see…maybe that’s the issue, I used the fire for the live-streaming ability…but I’ll try the phone and see if I can get it to work…maybe the sound works on the phone and I missed that…thanks

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Nope, couldn’t get the Android phone wyze app to make a sound or other notification or alert when motion was detected…only a thumbnail/short video was added to the events. I have sounds on on my phone and notifications are not disabled for the wyze app, and the volume is up and sound is enabled…not vibrate or silent.

Got it to work…chatted with a rep, and they ran everything thru, it was the firmware on the cam…funny because it asked me to update and I allowed it to, and it confirmed success, but when the rep had me check it was out of date, so after updating again, I get notfies only on my phone, but at least they work…thanks for your help


Great! :+1:

Just for future ref…

There are quite a few situations out of the many many you encounter in the app where toggling a setting on/off/on, force-closing the app, clearing the cache, and restarting the app, will display an updated result.

If memory serves, @spamoni is the magician with these dances, he can refine the above if I’ve muffed it. :slight_smile:


Another magician! (For illustration purposes.)

While not 'lousy with ‘em’, the forum is blessed with quite a few. :grin: