Daily image from IFTTT

Hi Community, I’d like to find a way to send an image from a Wyze cam to my email on a daily schedule. I was not able to find an existing app for this using IFTTT. Can anyone point to to how I can write a custom IFTTT app for the Wyze cam. Here is my mini spec

1- On a daily schedule at a specific time
2- Take an HD image
3- Send the image to a specific email

Thanks, Brad

This is not presently possible because the Wyze IFTTT actions do not include a still image feature, much less the ability to email that still. The best you can do is to trigger a short video uploaded to the cloud. But you would have to view that video in Wyze app.

Here are two #roadmap topics that you may want to visit and cast your vote for:

In the latter, you can request that the topic’s author add “trigger a still image capture” to the proposed Wyze IFTTT action list.

If they added snapshot to their own shortcuts it would probably be really simple.

This should be built into the Wyze app itself, instead of relying on IFTTT. I’m all for IFTTT and the likes, but there are a lot of limitations with IFTTT, such as sending limits, delays, etc. The trigger / action doesn’t always fire immediately and this is regardless of what services you’re using with IFTTT. If it was something like “If weather = rain tomorrow, then send me an email”, then it’s OK to use IFTTT. But for motion detection events generated from a security camera, then you’d want to receive the email (with snapshot) immediately.

If TinyCam is able to support email notification with attached snapshot and it supports literally dozens of different brands and models, so I don’t see why the Wyze app shouldn’t be able to do this for their own cameras. Many other competitors like Belkin and Dlink support this function. And mind you, most of the Belkin camera sucks and yet they support this basic feature.

You may want to hop over to the post below and vote for it. You must click the VOTE button at the top for your vote to count.

I’ve already added “save a still image” to the list of requested Shortcut actions. Adding this shortcut action would allow using the shortcut scheduling feature to periodically trigger a still image capture.