Hi is it possible to set a Wyze Cam so it takes snapshots at a certain time each day? I want my camera to take snapshots at 8 am and 6 pm every day.

The closest I can find in the app is a rule schedule to “upload a short video”. Is that close enough?

Using IFTTT, this would be pretty simple if Wyze would add a new “Take a photo” action to the existing list. The OP could create two separate applets using the:

  • “Date & Time” trigger service
  • “Every day at” trigger (one applet using 8am and the other 6pm)
  • “Wyze” action service
  • new “Take a photo” action (ref. screenshot)

Perhaps this IFTTT enhancement has already been added to the Wishlist. :man_shrugging:t2:

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IFTTT “Take a photo” action is apart of this rather large wishlist thread.

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Thanks Tony. Am a bit surprised that Take a photo wasn’t already included … and that I hadn’t yet voted! :wink:

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I agree. There are a bunch on there that I’d like to see and could use in IFTTT. I can see the reason the take a photo isn’t in there is that when in Wyze app and you press the take a photo button, it saves that to your device. Well in ifttt, there really isn’t anyplace to save the photo. I’d guess.some code would have to be rewritten to save the photo to the SD card or something when commanded to, rather than to a device.

Edit/ and take a scroll through the wish list section, you may find lots of goodies in there that could one day happen. :slight_smile:

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